Trump Prefers Strike to Shutdown?

I didn’t get around to bringing this up last week…but this is a totally absurd contention coming from the president.

First…a strike is a labor action taken by a unified group of employees to obtain concessions or right a grievance against an employer. We all know this is a government shutdown…not a strike…well we all know this except for one individual of some prominence in Washington.

Second…federal employees can’t legally go on strike. Haven’t had the right since at least 1947 and the Taft-Hartley Act.

btw: there may be some lawsuits in the works that accuse the federal government of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938:

The American Federation of Government Employees has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration alleging that by requiring employees to work without pay, the government is in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, a 1938 law that mandates a minimum wage and overtime pay both to public- and private-sector workers. Another federal labor group, the National Treasury Employees Union, has filed a similar suit.

And I wonder…are the furloughed workers eligible for unemployment while furloughed?


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