Trump Again Demonstrates He Is Unfit To Be President

In the wake of the release of the redacted Mueller report, the Democrats in the House have been debating whether they should impeach the president or not. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the centrist old guard seem to oppose the action and are looking to roust the president in the 2020 elections. Meanwhile the newer and younger members tend to be more liberal and progressive and are pushing for impeachment proceedings.

And of course none of this has escaped the twitter feed of President Trump. His threat this morning? If they try to impeach him, he’ll take it to the Supreme Court! Except, that’s not how it works. The Founding Fathers, who the right loves to quote, left the matter of impeachment to the House to charge a sitting president and the Senate to try them. The Supreme Court has nothing to do with it.

So once again, President Trump exhibits his total lack of knowledge of the Constitution and how our federal government actually works. My initial reaction was to let Speaker Pelosi handle it. But after the president’s tirade against Congress and his exhibition of ignorance on the Constitution…my feelings are…let her rip!

President Trump suggested Wednesday that he would ask the Supreme Court to intervene if Democrats move to impeach him — a notion that legal experts said showed a misunderstanding of the Constitution.

It was unclear how Trump would legally justify such a move, since the Constitution delegates impeachment proceedings to Congress, not the courts. Trump mentioned the idea briefly in morning tweets in which he lashed out at Democrats who are continuing to investigate him after the release of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report.

Now we know that if the House successfully impeaches the president, the Senate in the current environment is not going to find him guilty, Senator Mitt Romney’s discomfort notwithstanding. But it may be worth it to put the Senate on record before 2020. It may be worth it to push the president to say or do some additionally outre things before 2020. It will obviously consume a great deal of his time and thought if it proceeds or even if the discussion proceeds. We’ll see!

P.S. Apparently absolutely no one is vetting his tweets…is Rudy updating his Constitutional knowledge or are they relying on the lack of said knowledge in the general populace?


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