The Most Transparent President In History Did What?

Well…he held a secret dinner meeting with two CEOs’: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and 21st C entrepreneur, Peter Thiel. And apparently it was perfect! You know, as perfectly normal.

Facebook confirmed to the network that the pair (Zuckerberg and the president), along with Facebook board member and Trump donor Peter Thiel, had dined at the White House in October. The company would not say, however, what they discussed nor why both Facebook and the White House had not disclosed that the dinner had taken place. 

Facebook characterized the October meeting as perfectly “normal.”

A company spokesperson told NBC News that Zuckerberg had “accepted an invitation to have dinner with the President and First Lady at the White House” ― “as is normal for a CEO of a major U.S. company.”

Although this may have been more than co-incidental:

… Zuckerberg’s dinner date with Trump took place around the same time as the Facebook chief’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee about the tech giant’s new cryptocurrency, Libra.

aaaahhh…just a little perfectly normal stuff…after all (sarcasm)!


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