USA Today/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Doesn’t Get the Focus of the Impeachment Inquiry Either.

In a number of articles that have appeared in the print edition over the past few days, and this one online about Senator Ron Johnson’s comments, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and by extension their parent USA Today are misleading the public on what the impeachment inquiry is really about. Their take:

The inquiry is investigating whether President Donald Trump improperly withheld foreign aid to Ukraine until that country agreed to investigate former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

This has nothing to do with the withholding of aid…that in and of itself is also an impeachable offense…and is in the phrase of the hour…a quid pro quo.

But as I have stated on several other occasions. Whether there was an expected quid pro quo…or bribery attempt as the House is now positing…by President Donald Trump is just basically piling on. And yes, should be investigated, discussed, and divulged.

But the crime here is asking a foreign government to intervene in the American elections. That’s it. That’s the key issue. All of the other issues are just additional proof of the complete lack of morals and ethics exhibited by the president and his regime.

So come on journalists! Write the facts…don’t add to the distractions and confusion around the process.

P.S. The articles around Senator Johnson mentioned and linked above were written by Jordyn Noennig who is listed at JSOnline as: Jordyn Noennig covers pop culture and entertainment for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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3 thoughts on “USA Today/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Doesn’t Get the Focus of the Impeachment Inquiry Either.

    1. Thanks for a link to the completely non-partisan opinion source. LOL! How about a source to an equally non-partisan news outlet?

      (your mouse hovering over link reveals all you need to know and saves you from actually contributing to click-bait advertising statistics financially supporting the source).

      1. Argumentum ad Hominem: This fallacy entails declaring that an argument is wrong or flawed simply because of who it came from, rather than addressing the validity of the argument itself. I had hoped for more from you non, but in your defense, since the facts and the law are not on your side, fallaciously pounding the table may be the best that can be expected. Thanks for playing.

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