Trump Impeachment proceedings are unusual? Well actually not!

We keep seeing the headlines that if President Donald Trump is impeached, it would only be the third time in history. That part is right but the fact that there is an impeachment inquiry and now a report is not that unusual…and a number of unsuccessful impeachment votes have been taken. So President Trump can play the victim all he wants, but for once he’s joined a fairly large club of presidents! As a matter of fact, one out of four presidents have faced talk of impeachment.

So President Andrew Johnson and President Bill Clinton were actually impeached, and President Richard Nixon certainly would have been if he had not resigned.

But from the article, here are some of the other presidents who were threatened with impeachment:

President George H. W. Bush

President John Tyler

President James Polk

President James Buchanan

President Ulysses S Grant

President Abraham Lincoln

President Harry Truman

President Ronald Reagan

President George W Bush

President Barack Obama

And the reasons cited in the article for some of these inquiries were far less egregious than the activities of President Trump. There is no reason that he should feel so special or put upon. It seems to be part of the job…so Speaker Pelosi…please proceed!


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