Sleezy Support For the President.

This was in my email a few days ago and it’s about as low as a campaign can go…well until the next email or rally. But I will admit that this isn’t from the president’s own campaign but I would be surprised if they aren’t working together. But anyway, here’s the missive from America First Action:

This what (sic) we know about the whistleblower: 

– Had a professional relationship with Sleepy Joe

– Is a registered Democrat

– Hired a lawyer who did work for Cryin’ Chuck & Crooked Hillary

– Was in talks with Schiff, and Schiff subsequently misled the America public about it

Ed, this fight will not be easy. President Trump is going up against some of the most powerful people in the swamp. The deep state is laser-focused on removing President Trump from office.

President Trump needs your help ASAP: Sign now: Stop Pelosi & the deep state from reversing the results of the 2016 election.

Your support will go a long way in defending President Trump from this impeachment sham.

Thank you,

America First Action

and it will only get worse…


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