So Betty DeVoss and Mike Pence are Socialists!

President Donald Trump has stated time and again that there is no room for Socialism in the United States. And his GOP apologists have continued to trumpet that statement up and down the breadth of the United States.

Meanwhile, the rest of us enjoy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Interstate highways, police protection, fire protection, local streets, and of course public education.

Well that’s when it gets weird around Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Vice President Mike Pence. Because just two weeks ago they traveled to Madison Wisconsin to support school choice (voucher) programs. Now their stated goal is replace failing public schools (instead of fixing those that are actually broken) with voucher schools. You know, providing government funds so that parents can send their children to the (parochial) school of their choice.

But how is this different that any other form of socialism as currently practiced in the country (a pretty tame practice at that)? But isn’t their view a socialism of a far more devious hue?

And why do they continue to pretend that parents have no choice today? My parents had a choice. They paid their property taxes for schools on their home and business and then sent us to the parochial school of their choice on their dime. Nobody is stopping anyone from doing that today.


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1 thought on “So Betty DeVoss and Mike Pence are Socialists!

  1. Don’t true conservatives believe in taking responsibility for their own choices and not in relying on the taxpayers to foot the bill?

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