Well We Aren’t There Yet: LGBTQ candidates:

About a month ago I wondered out loud when we would be able stop saying the first (*) to get elected (*) or the first (*) be become (*)…but I knew at the time that we were a long way from there.

So today’s article by Bruce Murphy at Urban Milwaukee wasn’t too much of a surprise…and I am talking about the Milwaukee Circuit Court campaign of Brett Blomme.

Mr. Murphy is just clearly delineating the differences between the candidates (and my point is eventually we shouldn’t have to) but I think he goes into overtime. Yes, this is probably a quibble but it irks me.

Meanwhile, challenger Brett Blomme‘s husband and two children live in Dane County, but Blomme claimed as his residence a home the gay couple owns near 68th and Burleigh streets.

emphasis mine

Now I am pretty confident that most all readers will understand that Mr. Blomme is gay from the fact that he has a husband. I don’t think the ‘gay’ qualifier was necessary in the sentence. Yes…it’s a quibble…but we don’t move forward if we don’t stop saying the obvious when it’s not necessary.

How do we get to a point when this stops being important?

BTW: I have met Mr. Blomme. He is very personable and from his campaign lit and his discussions, I am sure he will be a capable judge. But I do have an issue with the fact that he has taken up residence locally simply to run in Milwaukee County.


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