America’s Newest One Percenters!

Nope, Zach and I didn’t sell Blogging Blue to some investment banker for billions…

Instead, America’s new 1%’ers are at the bottom of the food chain apparently…the 3.3 million Americans who filed for unemployment last week…many of them out of work because of the procrastination and obfuscation of President Donald Trump in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

The world’s largest economy….the ‘best’ medical system…and we let some narcissist avoid facing the issue head on…and we are three months behind in our response. Vast shortages of masks, gloves, and gowns…not even getting to the big stuff like ventilators. And don’t even think about getting tested if you aren’t feeling right…cause we don’t have enough friggin’ tests.

So we are shutting down the economy to keep our distance and avoid transmission of SARS-COV-2…because that’s now our only choice…when our actual response sucks.

And 1% of Americans file for unemployment in ONE WEEK as a result. A new record for single week applications…ever…EVER…finally the president hit the top of a chart. The one he’s been trying to keep secret. But I bet we break it again next week. And we need to make sure we take care of all of them.

But the president wants us all go back to work after Easter…my wish is that he would actually be at work right now.


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