Not Surprised That Klobuchar Dropped Out

I am not surprised that Senator Amy Klobuchar dropped out…but again I am surprised that she dropped out today. I mean in 36 hours we would all know the real trends in this race. But it did seem inevitable after her poor showing in her neighbor state of Iowa.

So I guess having Mayor Pete drop out won’t be to her advantage now.

Seeing as they are all still on the ballot and early voting has been going on in a number of states it will be interesting to see the numbers/trends for their various candidacies on Tuesday night.

And again, who will this help? Joe Biden? Or will Senator Elizabeth Warren pick up a few supporters who are looking to finally elect a woman president?

P.S. Latest article that I just read said Sen. Klobuchar will endorse Joe Biden and is going to Texas to campaign with him.

This whole thing brings up a raft of new questions…


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