Trump Regime To Open Obamacare Enrollment!

Whoa wow whoa. Satan is buying long johns and the Trump Regime is considering re-opening open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act to allow uninsureds to enroll during the pandemic.

“CMS ( enters for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is evaluating offering a Special Enrollment Period specifically designated for COVID-19,” she told the Journal. “We will continue to work with states and health plans around the country to assess what additional actions are necessary to ensure the American people have coverage for and access to the services they need during this time.”

The representative also encouraged people to check the site now to determine if they may already be able to enroll because of a change in circumstances, such as losing a job.

About 30 million people are currently uninsured, and that number is likely to grow significantly as businesses shut down.

“Given the risk posed by COVID-19, it is more important than ever for people to have health coverage. This will give people the opportunity to get the security and peace of mind that health care coverage provides.”

emphasis mine

One hand lacks knowledge of the other…but it should be painfully apparent by now that the United States needs to join the 21st Century world and provide a comprehensive, universal, single payer health insurance plan.


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