Where Is Your Senator Spending the Weekend?

I am not exactly sure myself, but they aren’t in Washington helping with the COVID-19 pandemic as you’d expect. I mean, why would they? It’s not the top headline in the news like in every nation on earth. right?

Senate Republicans Sit Out the Coronavirus Crisis

Remember the U.S. Senate? It used to be sort of important. Lately? Mitch McConnell was ready to take a week-plus recess without completing action on a coronavirus and economic stimulus bill until some Republican senators realized how bad that would look. So instead, on Thursday afternoon they just left until Monday. Afternoon.

This despite the fact that the White House is working on a bill with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Instead, yesterday, we just heard complaints from a number of the Republicans that the bill being worked on was partisan. An odd statement given that the bill is being worked on by the WH and the House. Instead of finding a microphone, wouldn’t it have been better to find the meeting and bring your ideas? This isn’t a bill to name a post office…this is now officially a national emergency. Yet Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his cohort have decided to go missing in action.

As I said yesterday, this has moved from incompetence to criminally negligent…and maybe even beyond that now.

What exactly would be the Senate Republican response to the events of this last week? And if they don’t have any idea, why exactly are they in office?


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2 thoughts on “Where Is Your Senator Spending the Weekend?

  1. We all know that they are a useless bunch of lazy dirt bags. Their excuse now is that they must “self-quarantine”.

  2. Seriously?

    I’m going to finally have to get a Google account to allow them to sell and profit from my private identity and potential health care problems. My potentially and privately seeking treatment options is then sold to corporate health-care denying insurance entities as I navigate the web, just to go through some new app to find my best local treatment options allowing them to then deny me future coverage or health care, as I try to be a responsible citizen, doing my patriotic duty to not infect others, should I become symptomatic for any reason?

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