After 19 Years On Hydroxychloroquine:

I missed this one because it is on a television website. I don’t pay attention to those unless someone points them out to me…so this article comes from a regular reader who sent it to me.

But as we’ve written recently, President Donald Trump claims to be using hydroxychloroquine prophylactically to prevent contracting COVID-19. Apparently it doesn’t work…and I am surprised other news outlets haven’t covered this…there must be dozens of Americans in similar circumstances.

An Oconomowoc woman who has had lupus for most of her life said she takes hydroxychloroquine and still caught COVID-19.

Kim, who only wants her first name used, said she has taken the anti-malarial drug for 19 years to help treat the pain caused by her lupus.

Kim said when the pandemic began, she only left her home to go to the grocery store.

She said by mid-April though, she started feeling coronavirus symptoms.

Kim said after arriving at the Aurora Medical Center emergency room in Summit, she tested positive for COVID-19.

Kim said even though she took precautions when leaving the house for the grocery store, she thought she would be safe because of what President Donald Trump has said about the drug.

Kim said she was in the hospital for seven days.

She said she was on oxygen and received plasma.

Kim is mostly recovered now, but is still on oxygen at her home.

“You’re not safe taking that medication at all. (Hydroxychloroquine) is not going to prevent anything. You can still get coronavirus,” Kim said. “It kind of makes me mad that (Trump) thinks it’s going to do that and is telling the whole world it’s going to do that.”

’nuff said.

P.S. If you see other similar articles, please let me know.


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