So Ban The Damn Semi Automatic Weapons Already!

After the initial reaction from just about everyone including reportedly the NRA, to ban bump stocks, now we are being told that all of us uninformed gun haters don’t know diddly. You don’t need a bump stock to convert your semi-automatic rifle into an automatic weapon…you can do it with a rubber band…you can use your belt loop. So the banning of bump stocks is just a knee jerk feel good waste of time…and btw, a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. Well here’s how it should go.

You want a good shotgun to hunt any variety of game birds and water fowl? Go for it.
You want a decent hunting rifle so you can abandon your family at Thanksgiving to hunt deer? Go for it.
Need a decent shotgun to shoot skeet? Go for it.
You want a bigger hunting rifle to go after bear or moose? Go for it.
You want to protect your home and family while INSIDE your home and need a hand gun? Go for it.
You want to do that biathlon thing at the Olympics with one of those silly looking gun things? Go for it.

But you don’t need one single semi-automatic rifle. (by the way, ever wonder why they all look like military weapons? Kinda gives you a hint that they aren’t a sport gun, aina?).

So if anyone can use almost anything to turn a semi-automatic gun into an automatic weapon…and ergo banning bump stocks are a waste of time…the obvious move is to ban semi-automatic guns! So ban the damn things now.

for you hopeful Olympians:


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2 thoughts on “So Ban The Damn Semi Automatic Weapons Already!

  1. I urge the adoption of the proposal to ban all semi-automatic firearms as a Democratic party platform plank. Like abortion, this should be a litmus test for any Democrat, no question.

    1. We both know better…but I would run on that personally. BTW: How many of your guns did Obama take away?

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