How To Take On The Washington Establishment!

Ah…the praises for outsider presidential candidates always include his or her ability to take on the Washington Establishment! Even Carly Fiorina in her endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz today extolled this virtue in her litany of praises. But it seldom happens…because one person is seldom capable of such a transformation.

Does someone need to take on the Washington Establishment? Damn straight…but it’s not one of the candidates for president…it’s YOU!

The current approval rating of Congress is 13%…a historical low.

But you are about to send your entrenched incumbents back to Washington. Why the hell are you doing that? This is the Washington Establishment…vote the sons and daughters of bitches out…every damn incumbent on the ballot. If you think I am kidding, to steal a phrase from that infamous political pundit, Sarah Palin: How’s that hopey changy thing working out for you?


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10 thoughts on “How To Take On The Washington Establishment!

  1. So let us recall how anger of the type you present in your post can play out.

    In 2010 there were angry Tea Party types across the nation who were going to lash out at everyone they could find on Election Day. Care not about issues or facts or reason. Just vote with a vengeance.

    Was Scott Walker worth it?

    For you to suggest that what is needed is a wholesale removal of every elected official is simply the most misguided offering to date. Simply galling considering the many fine and conscientious elected folks who do represent their constituents every day and deserve more than a blog post like this one.

    1. Well, Gregory, I don’t exactly disagree with you, but then at times I feel the same way Ed does.

      My partial solution is to concentrate on the judiciary; that is, those who are Bradley who is just one more paid agent of the 1% or special interests with membership in the Hunting order of St Hubertus as was Alito. Doing so will eventually mean citizens can overturn legislation and legislative processes that are unconstitutional .

      Secondly, but just as important or more, we need to eliminate the gerrymandering which will in turn get rid of the minority legislators who have become the phony majority.

      And finally, but the most important of all, get out or reduce the money in politics with reversal of Citizens United.

      I concede it is easier said than done. In the meantime with no suggestions to address the problem, support Ed, emigrate to Canada, or use the French Revolution call to arms, “to the barricades!”

      Oh, I almost forgot the most important: accept Sir Winston Churchill’s famous call to the English in the darkest days of WWII when England was being pounded with daily bombing by the Nazis: “never give up, never, never, never!”

      1. When President Trump takes office…I will see you on the barricades! I have one more fight left in me!

    2. I thought most of our readers were aware that it’s the era of the angry old white man in politics…so I get to play too! As I told a friend who objected to my tone…when something is in vogue…I like to be in vogue too!

      I understand the groundswell that propelled the teahadists into elected office but that sorta proves my point. There was a huge dissatisfaction with the ‘ins’…so they moved them out.

      If they can do it, we can do it too, but we won’t. Although Bernie talks a good revolution I doubt many Congressional candidates will follow his lead…and I don’t see him doing anything to actually start a movement…he’s simply running for president. There won’t be a mob following his lead even if he wins.

      And the electeds in Washington deserve better than this blog? I think you missed this fact buried in the middle of my rant:

      The current approval rating of Congress is 13%…a historical low. 13%!

      btw: The topic is taking on the Washington establishment…last time I looked Scott Walker was still hiding in the tunnels underneath the dome in Madison. I will have something else on him later.

  2. Duane,

    We agree on the need to redo how district lines are drawn for political boundaries. I have long championed this goal and know the way districts are created along with the way campaigns are funded are the two essential reforms that must be achieved. As to the court there is no way Bradley should have ever been selected and no way she should be elected. I have long advocated for merit selection for the court and removing the undo partisan nature that comes with our current process for placing judges on the court. But until we get to the place we want to be–need to be–I hope and trust that voters use logic, reason, and long-term thinking as they head to the polls.

    1. “I hope and trust that voters use logic, reason, and long-term thinking as they head to the polls.”

      Why would they start now…and following the GOP campaign…logic and reason are in very very short supply in America!

  3. Ed,

    While congress as a whole is held in low regard due to the dysfunctions we have all witnessed it needs to be noted individual members rank far higher. Mark Pocan for one gets high marks as much for his positon on the issues as his ability be able to work with members across the aisle There are countless hard working incumbents from both parties who deserve praise. One does not need to agree with all the votes and stands on issues when it comes to evaluating a member of congress. There is the constituent relations that allows for vets to get benefits or someone to get a visa processed or aid when mother nature strikes and FEMA is slow. There is also that other factor we often forget about but is really important. Who honors our institutions and provides intuitional memory so when crisis falls we have a group of congressional members who can help as with 9/11. Newcomers are not the ones who provide a sense of security. I worked for a decade in the WI state assembly and know from first hand exp. that some of the folks both parties were ripping in public and for election purposes were really some of the best thinkers and most desirous of shaping policy. I repeat that reason and logic are the best tools we all–party aside–must employ when voting.

  4. Yes…we all hate Congress but love our Congress person…you aren’t seeing the forest for the trees.

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