So DNC, The Enemy Of Our Enemy Is Our Friend?

As I’ve stated earlier, I skipped the first two nights of the 2020 Virtual Democratic National Convention.

Now, I know that it is great sport to gloat when a prominent member of the opposing party attacks their incumbent president…but again I have to question the thinking at the DNC. Why did they put John Kasich at the podium. No…I haven’t heard his speech and I don’t really care what he had to say.

But if he had been the Republican candidate in 2016, he wouldn’t have been running on a platform that any Democrat would have supported. If he was the 2020 Republican candidate, no Democrat would find anything to support in his current platform.

And other than his animosity toward President Donald Trump, I really really don’t think he supports the 2020 Democratic Platform put together by the joint committee made up of Biden and Sanders supporters.

So we aren’t fooling anyone. Why did the Dems waste what little time was devoted to the 2020 convention on Mr. Kasich? There are plenty of other venues that would have been much more effective. It is really unlikely that his appearance swayed many Republicans. I dearly hope his appearance didn’t turn off anyone leaning Democratic this go round.


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