A Question About Laptops and Emails

As all of you have certainly read over the past four to six weeks, there’s been a lot of press and speculation about a certain laptop computer that somehow was abandoned by its owner and ended up in the hands of a has been lawyer.

Now ignoring all of the wild claims and the lack of evidence of original ownership or the right of the computer repair facility to disseminate personal information from a client’s machine or even handing it over to a third party without permission:

Let me ask you this question!

How many of you actually have emails stored on your computer? Aren’t all of your email services in the cloud? And you log into the provider to read or send emails? Why would this laptop be any different than any other laptop? Why would it have been used to access emails differently than anyone else?


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1 thought on “A Question About Laptops and Emails

  1. Great observation– Yes, all the major email services are in the cloud– Google GMAIL, Yahoo Mail….etc.

    Can we believe anything from Trump, Rudy Giuliani, or any of the Trumpsters?

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