Who Is Doing Quality Control Testing At Pfizer or On Pfizer Vaccines?

A number of sources are reporting that the five dose vials of the Pfizer vaccine actually hold more volume than that…and that many of the vials hold six or even seven doses. And this doesn’t bother anyone?

First…who is doing quality control at Pfizer on their production line that fills the vials. I mean if they can’t fill the vials right, what else isn’t right. From my experience working in a hospital pharmacy many years ago, if a container didn’t have exactly what the label said, the pharmacists got pretty uncomfortable about using the drugs. So what is in there? Is it five doses or not and if not, how did that happen.

Second, is anyone checking the dosage in each dose? Does the vial actually contain six or seven full potency doses or six or seven doses by volume but only five doses worth of the actual vaccine? In other words, watered down doses. Is anyone checking?

Because of the shortage of vaccine, the FDA is urging use of every ‘dose’ in each vial. And Pfizer is warning against using anything but a full dose and to NOT mix partial doses from multiple vials to avoid contamination.

At this point can we still trust the FDA? It certainly looks like we might not be able to trust Pfizer.

Can’t we get at least one thing write around fighting this pandemic?


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