Why Is Rudy Giuliani Taking Up A Hospital Bed?

As reported earlier, Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for COVID-19, is suffering mild symptoms, and has been admitted to a hospital. But he tweets that he’s feeling good. So why is he taking up a hospital bed if he’s feeling good? Couldn’t he be treated at home while under quarantine?

“Thank you to all my friends and followers for all the prayers and kind wishes,” Mr Giuliani tweeted on Sunday evening.

“I’m getting great care and feeling good. Recovering quickly and keeping up with everything.”

If he is truly suffering from the disease, I don’t begrudge him a slot in the hospital but… So is he sick enough to actually need to be admitted to the hospital? Or is he getting special care and treatment because he’s a VIP? Is this a bed that could actually be used by someone who…you know…is actually pretty sick?

P.S. unsurprisingly, Jenna Ellis, who has shared many a table and lectern with Mr. Giuliani the past several weeks, has also tested positive for COVID-19. A report that she seems to deny via tweet.


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  1. Good question why would this trump VIP clown be taking up a hospital bed if not all that sick?

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