Glenn Grothman lets his racism show on the floor of the House

Speaking on the floor of the U.S. House during debate on the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus plan, Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman let his racism show as he asserted the Black Lives Matter movement “doesn’t like the old fashioned family.”

In the midst of the U.S. House debate Wednesday over the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, Wisconsin Republican Glenn Grothman said in his floor remarks that Black Lives Matter “doesn’t like the old-fashioned family,” prompting an impassioned rebuke from a Democratic colleague who represents the Virgin Islands, delegate Stacey Plaskett.

Grothman, who represents Wisconsin’s Sixth Congressional District, argued that the expansion of the earned income tax credit for single people contained in the bill penalizes marriage.

“I bring it up because I know the strength that Black Lives Matter had in this last election. I know it’s a group that doesn’t like the old-fashioned family — (I am) disturbed that we have another program here in which we’re increasing the marriage penalty,” Grothman said.

Here’s the response to Rep. Grothman’s remarks by delegate Stacey Plaskett of the Virgin Islands:

While Rep. Grothman’s comments about Black Lives Matter on the floor of the House might shock/outrage some, those of us who’ve been following Wisconsin politics for a while know his comments are par for the course with him.


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