Company that benefited from Trump administration largesse has not delivered on promises

It looks like the corrupt, criminal administration of former President Donald Trump just keeps sticking it to America’s taxpayers…

A year after a Connecticut company was awarded almost $1.3 billion in federal loans and contracts to supply an essential syringe for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, no syringes have been made. The syringe hasn’t received even the first of a series of approvals it needs from the federal government before it can be manufactured, and a factory promising 650 jobs remains unbuilt.

ApiJect Systems Corp. positioned itself as the company that would make the difference between a stumbling rollout and delivery of lifesaving vaccines. But as the U.S. vaccine rollout hits full stride, with about half of adults in the U.S. having already received at least one injection, the need for ApiJect’s device has waned, leaving the contracts and loans in question.

What’s important to note is ApiJect was awarded taxpayer-funded loans of up to $590 million by the Trump administration through the Defense Production Act in addition to contracts totaling close to $800 million, and despite all that taxpayer money thrown at ApiJect it still has not produced a viable product. After being awarded the loans and contracts by the Trump administration ApiJect issued a news release stating it would use all that taxpayer money to “Supply 100 Million Prefilled Syringes for COVID-19 Response by Year-End 2020.” Despite that claim ApiJect did not deliver 100 million syringes by the end of 2020 and to date it still has not delivered on its promises.


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