Ron Johnson Announces Tele-Town Hall Meeting, But It Isn’t!

First, to me a town hall meeting is exactly that. An opportunity to personally and publicly meet with an elected official. But true to form and an apparent anxiety around actually meeting his constituents in person, Senator Ron Johnson has announced a Tele-Town Hall. Well, my goodness, how gracious and welcoming!

But when you click on the Claim your spot now…it’s not an actual Town Hall but a campaign event and fundraiser.

Ignoring the obvious bait and switch…he hasn’t been giving us his unfiltered thoughts before now? I mean, given the various things he’s said around COVID, the 2020 election, and presidential nominations for the court systems…very little of what he’s been saying seems to have been restrained by any type of filter in any way. How much more unfiltered does he think he can get??


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