Cavalier Johnson Is First African American Elected Mayor of Milwaukee:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has declared Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson as the first African American Elected Mayor of Milwaukee by 68% to 32% with 97 precincts reporting.

Cavalier Johnson made history Tuesday — and brought a new generation to political power at City Hall — becoming the first African American elected as Milwaukee’s mayor.

Johnson, who was born, raised and still lives on the city’s north side, overwhelmed former south side Ald. Bob Donovan in a special election to an abbreviated two-year term.

Just 35, Johnson is Milwaukee’s first millennial mayor, his triumph confirming his swift six-year rise from Common Council freshman to the seat of power in Wisconsin’s largest city.

Congratulations Mr. Mayor!


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  1. So now we will have no more excuses for failure to stem crime, attract businesses (other than more government) that can provide good employment opportunities, allow families across the city to be safe in their homes and neighborhoods, improve education, and bring folks that have moved to the suburbs back to Milwaukee? This is great news!

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