All Those Things Ron Johnson Is Complaining About Happened On His Watch!

So, Senator Ron Johnson is campaigning on complaints about crime, inflation, and the shortfall in the Social Security and Medicare trusts. We won’t get into the racist nonsense that both his own campaign and his third party supporters have been running…we’ll just say…we know bullshit when we see it.

But Johnson seems to be running like he’s an outsider. But let me remind Moscow Ron that he’s an incumbent…one about to reach his 12th Anniversary in the US Senate. All of the things he’s describing didn’t happen last week..they are happening on his watch and he’s raised nary a finger. Well except to try to push fake electors for 2020 on the vice-president and throw shade on the January 6th Insurrection. Or his wishy washy stances on abortion and marriage equality.

Sending dementia bound Ron Johnson back to the US Senate would be a disaster for Wisconsin and the nation as a whole.


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