Remember When Ron Johnson Ran For Senate To Solve Inflation?

You should remember, it was just a month ago.

One of Ron Johnson’s three main campaign platform planks was…we needed to re-elect him so he could fight to solve inflation. Well, it’s just been a month after his narrow victory over Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, and it’s investigate, investigate, investigate.

Investigate the root causes of inflation and potential solutions? Hell no!

It’s Hunter Biden…COVID-19….Hunter Biden…COVID-19…Hunter Biden…COVID-19. Misinformation, misdirection, lies, obfuscation, and nonsense. The only thing inflation oriented here is Ron Johnson’s sense of self-importance.

Senator Johnson is an embarrassment to Wisconsin and the entire nation. But we should now hold him to his campaign promise to solve inflation…because it is a major concern for those who did actually vote for him…and they need to hold him accountable.

But if he’s going to take a side track into investigation…may I suggest…he look into how his office was involved with fake electors in January 2021. From his public statements he seems a bit hazy on the subject.


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