[sarcasm] The Debt Limit Is Just A Law? The Trump Cabal Doesn’t Obey Laws. So…

So the federal debt limit is just a federal law. Easily changed when the will is there. But the Trump Cabal and MAGA trolls don’t like federal laws when they would seem to hinder their will…and simply ignore them with abandon. So why doesn’t Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen just ignore it and keep on borrowing money and paying the bills? I mean really? So what is the penalty? Is it a felony, misdemeanor, or a parking ticket kinda fine? I mean if it’s like a parking fine, I’ll pay it. If it’s anything else we can just have President Biden pardon her. Right? I mean, she is saving the free world: The American economy, the economy of our allies and trading partners, and the world standing of the dollar. She’s saving your social security money and your medicare funds. Right? It’s not like she shot up a classroom full of second graders with an AR-15 or something. Right? You bet 45 would do something like that if a Democratic phalanx of House Members were blocking his demands to raise the debt limit. Oddly enough that never happened. We don’t need to test the 14th Amendment…let the courts weigh in on just avoiding the debt limit law and move on. Let June 1st or June 5th just slide on by and continue business as usual. Right?


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