WI GOP Wants To Give Packers $2 Million To Host NFL Draft! NO Scheisse.

Unfortunately the Republican elected officials in Madison aren’t particularly astute businessmen and can’t actually determine what is and what isn’t a good investment, i.e. Foxconn. And of course, what is one of the most profitable businesses in the United States? Well, the National Football League which holds near religious or cult status in the country.

Well, the NFL has made their player draft into a movable feast and the plan is to hold it in Green Bay in 2025. And of course it costs some money to host such silly soirees. Now the Packers estimate the draft will draw 240,000 fans and generate $94 million in economic impact for Wisconsin with $20 million of that benefiting the Green Bay area.

So what does the GOP brain trust in Madison want to do? Well state Rep. David Steffen and state Sen. Robert Cowles want to give $2 million in tax payer dollars to the Packers to pay for hosting the draft. They claim the total cost to the Packers could be $7.5 million. And of course, $2 million to make $94 million is a bargain. But let’s keep in mind that $94 million is the Packers number and not from any official agency or outside auditor. But scheisse, $2 million is less than many of their players make in a season, including a number of players that I have never even heard of. Either the Packers or the NFL should pay to host their own party…which is essentially just a big advertising and promotional gig to keep the fans from going comatose in the off season.

And if the Packers or NFL, honestly are short $2 million…then they should do what they do best: Sell naming rights! Maybe something like this: The Bud Light 2025 NFL Draft live from Green Bay!

So in case I am being too subtle today…I vote no to using state tax revenues for the NFL draft in Green Bay.


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