Enough With The Swatting Already…It’s Flat Out Dangerous As Well As Stupid.

Recent reports say Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Sen. Rick Scott were ‘swatted’ while at home for the holiday recess.

So what is ‘swatting’? : The act of hoaxing an armed emergency response to a victim’s home.

No matter what your take on Greene or Scott might be, and I think they are two of the foulest reptiles in the Capitol swamp, swatting is a vicious and very dangerous activity. In Greene’s case this wasn’t the first time and the police recognized her address and assumed it was a hoax call.

But this type of activity wastes critical police resources. May put the victims in serious harm’s way, particularly if there is any type of misstep or miscue…and of course innocent bystanders may be put at risk during police activity while responding to a call or during a raid on site.

Anyone who instigates a swatting event, no matter who they are or who the target might be…needs to be arrested and thrown away for a while. This certainly qualifies as terrorism.


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