WNBA Draft Headline Features Caitlin Clark…BUT why is this a thing?

One of the feel good stories of 2024 has been the success of college basketball player Caitlin Clark. She has set scoring records, lead her Iowa team to the national championship game, twice, and brought a lot of new fans to women’s basketball. Yesterday she was selected as the first overall pick in the WNBA draft by the Indiana Fever. Kudos to Ms. Clark.

But then today, the top story in my news feed isn’t surprising. It’s about Ms. Clark’s first round pick but it is disturbing. It couldn’t be more sexist…when we should be congratulating an outstanding athlete…we are writing about this? WTF America??

side note. that’s 22% of her first year salary? I am guessing the first round pick in the NBA will get millions.


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