Let me pose this situation:

You are White. It is 1954. You are riding a bus in Birmingham Alabama. The bus stops and Kamala Harris gets on. Do you expect her to sit in the back of the bus?

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Nobody had an issue for almost 30 years before the fat man couldn’t get ‘wet’.

The Trump Administration wants to change the definition of a showerhead to let more water flow, addressing a pet peeve of the president who complains he isn’t getting wet enough.

So showerheads — you take a shower, the water doesn’t come out.

So what do you do? You just stand there longer or you take a shower longer? Because my hair — I don’t know about you, but it has to be perfect. Perfect.”

Since 1992, federal law has dictated that new showerheads shouldn’t pour more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute (9.5 liters).

But here’s the ‘rub’ber ducky:

As newer shower fixtures came out with multiple nozzles, the Obama administration defined the showerhead restrictions to apply to what comes out in total. So if there are four nozzles, no more than 2.5 gallons total should come out between all four.

Given the lack of attention to actual crises…this is simpy ludicrous. And I can’t imagine that the president’s personal facilities in the White House or any of his clubs or homes lacks state of the art plumbing…gold plated or otherwise. shrug.

“Frankly it’s silly,” deLaski (Andrew deLaski, executive director of the energy conservation group Appliance Standards Awareness Project) said. “The country faces serious problems. We’ve got a pandemic, serious long-term drought throughout much of the West. We’ve got global climate change. Showerheads aren’t one of our problems.”

But maybe the president just needs some advice that he’s not getting from Sean Hannity or Jared Kushner. All he has to do is ask!

“If the president needs help finding a good shower, we can point him to some great consumer websites that help you identify a good showerhead that provides a dense soak and a good shower,” deLaski said.

btw: What’s the current water situation in Flint MI?

Because Wisconsin has unfortunately reached the 1,000+ COVID-19 fatalities, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a few obituaries of those Wisconsinites that have been lost.

Here is their obit for our very first loss: Bob Blackbird.

The blockade of Berlin and subsequent airlift was one of the opening salvos of the Cold War, and for a young orphan from a small town in Wisconsin, it was an eye-opening experience that changed his life.

Bob Blackbird enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1949 and was sent to Germany to work as a plane mechanic at Celle Air Base, a critical location because it was the closest large airfield to Berlin. Planes could take off loaded with lifesaving food, coal, medicine and other cargo every few minutes.

Keeping those planes in operation was an important and busy job….

Blackbird died at the age of 91 on March 19 of coronavirus. He was the first COVID-19 death in Wisconsin.

emphasis mine

I want to thank the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for taking his effort. We all know 1,000 is far more deaths than were necessary…it seems like a big number…although only a minor component of the 165,000 Americans who have died…but the number doesn’t have real meaning until we see the faces and hear from the grieving family members and their friends and their community…and we see or feel the impact their lives have had on our world. And what we have lost in knowledge and experience because of official negligence.

Please take a few moments to read the rest of Mr. Blackbird’s obit and some of the others as well. These numbers aren’t just data…real people are dying…our friends and neighbors are dying.

special request:

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preventable COVID-19 deaths in the State of Wisconsin…so far.

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Two thumbs up!

I think its a good choice…certainly one of the finalists on my list.

If you haven’t done absentee ballots…get out and vote.

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This is just plain silly…nothing leading here at all. LOL!

btw: advertised as a one question poll…there seems to be a #2!

This is flat out fucked up. I understand there is a lot of hostility in the community around the actions of Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah. But there is absolutely no reason to physically assault him and there is never a good reason to attack his or anyone’s home with a fire arm.

For those who don’t know the back story…Officer Mensah shot and killed 17 year old Alvin Cole in February of this year. Officer Mensah is suspended with pay and the shooting is being investigated.

Wauwatosa police say Officer Joseph Mensah was physically assaulted outside his home Saturday night and a single shotgun round was fired into the home after a group of 50 to 60 people gathered there to protest the officer who has fatally shot three people over five years.

It’s time to let the system to work. It’s time to watch and hold officials accountable for their actions and the actions they take or don’t take against Officer Mensah.

But attacking the man and his home is wholly unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.

Two last notes:

I am all for peaceful protests, even against me, but this was anything but peaceful,” Mensah wrote.

emphasis mine
Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah
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