The candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the election of #45 has motivated more women to run for office.  While many women are stepping up and putting their names on ballots across the country, other women are asking how they can help these women succeed in their elections. One women’s answer is “Project Sheila.

Eliza Cussen, a digital strategist from Australia, founded Project Sheila earlier this year.  It started as a way to help new female candidates with their campaigns.  It has grown into a “social enterprise designed to help thousands.”.

From the website:
“At its heart, Project Sheila is a tool for collaboration. It links up candidates with emerging feminist developers, designers, and web producers. Candidates and consultants work one-on-one to create a beautiful campaign website that helps raise money, recruit supporters, and change the world.”

The great thing about Project Sheila is their sliding scale.  They want to help as many women candidates as possible.  If a candidate is approved into the program, her campaign is charged a production fee starting at $0 and going up to around $800.”

If you are a woman or gender non-conforming person running for office at any level, I encourage you to check out Project Sheila.



Friday night 10 PM at Gibraltar, 538 W. National Ave, Milwaukee…they are a great live experience! I caught them there last time and am trying to wedge it into my schedule again.

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Before Wisconsin, Foxconn Vowed Big Spending in Brazil. Few Jobs Have Come. : At a news conference in Brazil, Foxconn officials unveiled plans to invest billions of dollars and build one of the world’s biggest manufacturing hubs in the state of São Paulo. The government had high expectations that the project would yield 100,000 jobs. Six years later, Brazil is still waiting for most of those jobs to materialize. “The area where Foxconn said it would build a plant is totally abandoned,” said Guilherme Gazzola, the mayor of Itu, one of the cities that hoped to benefit from the project. “They haven’t even expressed an interest in meeting us.”

RTs = endorsements? Trump’s retweets of outlandish memes a signal to his base : Over the past 2½ months, President Trump has retweeted to the more than 30 million followers of his personal Twitter account these pieces of highbrow social media content:
●An animated GIF of him executing some WWE-style ground-and-pound on a CNN avatar.

●A cartoon meme of a “Trump train” running over a hapless CNN reporter.

●On Sunday, another doctored GIF of him hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton so hard she falls over.

Do these retweets equal an endorsement? For Trump, they probably do, but the White House isn’t saying, and it doesn’t really matter.

An America First president addresses the United Nations : Mr Trump made headlines with a string of bellicose, Tweet-ready warnings not to mess with America. Notably, he declared the North Korean regime a “band of criminals” that imperils the world with its pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and branded the country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, a “Rocket Man” bent on a “suicide mission.” Should America be forced to defend itself or its allies, he added: “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Here are the US cities best suited for Amazon’s new headquarters : HQ2, as its been named, is estimated to bring around 50,000 employees, most of whom will be paid well and in line with their Seattle colleagues. This means there will be a surge of housing demand. With the U.S. still approximately 3 million new home builds behind what it was forecasted to have built since 2008, the answer is likely in rehabilitating and improving existing homes.

Mr. Gou – Your Turn : Up to $2.85 billion in tax credits over the next 15 years if – and it’s a big if – Foxconn invests $10 billion in the state, and hires up to 13,000 workers in Wisconsin. State officials say your new plant would require 1,000 acres, have a floor space of 20 million square feet (“11 Lambeau Fields,” “three times the size of the Pentagon”), require 10,000 construction workers and create 6,000 indirect jobs. Those numbers are so big Wisconsin residents have trouble grasping them. One example: The state Department of Revenue says all Wisconsin manufacturing property is valued at $14.3 billion. A $10 billion plant would – with just one investment – boost the value of manufacturing property statewide by 69%. [emphasis mine]

Hobby Lobby’s ‘offensive’ decoration has gone bonkers viral : We know you certainly don’t need another story to outrage you or to show you how crazy things have gotten. You can find those stories on any news site. But we feel that Americans do need stories that show us all how blessed we really are. Our problems are dreams for much of the world. It isn’t our “privilege” that is disturbing — it is our lack of gratitude and perspective. For people to take their time to worry about a bunch of cotton in a vase — in a store in which 85% of Americans will not be shopping — should show us that most are not spending their time searching for ways to simply feed their families or find a roof over their head. America is blessed. Even those who are the worst off. America does have real issues right now, but what some Americans call “problems” would be blessings to much of the world.

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Applications are now open for the Emerge Class of 2018! Apply today to join the growing network of women leaders from all across Wisconsin who are stepping up to run for office and bring change to their communities.

Have you ever thought about running for public office? Do you want to advocate for the people in your community? Are you ready to step up and make Democratic change?

Learn more about how you can be in the next class of Emerge women here! You can start your application here! The deadline for applications is November 13.

Thank you! Together, we’re helping elect more democratic women to office!

Erin E. Forrest

Executive Director

Emerge Wisconsin

In a move that seems destined to lead to no good outcomes for them, Wisconsin’s Assembly Democrats have elected State Rep. Gordon Hintz as their leader. Hintz will replace Rep. Peter Barca of Kenosha, who announced earlier this month he was stepping down as Assembly minority leader after many of his members tried to remove him.

While there’s no doubt some will consider Hintz a great choice I think he’s absolutely the wrong choice to lead the Assembly Democrats as they seek to regain the majority in the era of Donald Trump. After all, Rep. Hintz has plenty of baggage ranging from being ticketed as part of an investigation into prostitution at an Appleton massage parlor to his “You are F***king dead!” exclamation to a female Republican who was serving in the Assembly with Hintz.

In the era of President Donald “grab them by the p***y” Trump, choosing a man with the kind of history Gordon Hintz has to serve as the face of Wisconsin’s Assembly Democrats seems to me to be an uninspired and puzzling choice.

Meh….a million times meh.

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall in Texas and Louisiana, many contractors were bemoaning the fact that even with the undocumented workers that they usually employed, there still wasn’t going to be enough help to raze and reclaim and rebuild hurricane damaged properties. I am guessing it will be the same in Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

So how do we get the unemployed in Milwaukee and Detroit and Appalachia hooked up with jobs doing recovery work in hurricane alley?

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It took Ken Burns and Lynn Novick 10 years to unbury the secrets of the Vietnam War : “The Vietnam War” took 10 years to come together. Because it was shot in both the United States and in Vietnam, it was a more logistically complex film, one that required co-director Lynn Novick and producer Sarah Botstein to figure out how to work in a different and less free country, and to do their interviews in translation. And because “The Vietnam War” addresses recent and still contested history, making the series was an unusually demanding process.

Yes, U.S. election integrity could be improved. Here’s why the Pence commission probably won’t do it : …instead of taking aim at the most widely acknowledged problems in U.S. elections, the Pence commission is checking for bloated registration rolls, trying to find 2016 voters who cast ballots despite being fraudulently registered in more than one state, noncitizens, dead or otherwise ineligible. While experts have found some ineligible voters on the rolls, there’s no evidence that dead people and those who moved out of a state voted illegally.

For those in the Party of Trump, the Republicans — not the president — are to blame : Granville County has long been a Democratic stronghold, but it was one of six rural counties in North Carolina that flipped, voting twice for Barack Obama but voting for Trump last year. Local Democrats blame the flip on low turnout, especially among African Americans, who make up a third of the county’s population. But local Republicans say it reflects how many in the county feel left behind by Democrats and are looking for a change.

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What an amazing thing. We all knew exactly when it would occur…and exactly at which time in each part of the country. We had maps to tell us where the totality was going to happen…millions of us travelled to those areas to enjoy the eclipse…and we had silly glasses to save our eyesight. And I couldn’t take the luxury to visit an area of totality, so I watched on my computer on the NASA websites. Why and how could this have been possible? SCIENCE!

Over the past few weeks we have watched in fear as two major hurricanes (so far) devastated major US cities and left people homeless or refugees in their own country. Yet we were forewarned and could evacuate or seek shelter or wait out the storm in hardened buildings or if all else failed await rescue by first responders. And when a hurricane changed direction…others could be forewarned and take protective actions as well. And despite the huge increase in population in coastal areas over the last century, fewer people died or suffered injuries than in the past. Why and how could this have been possible? SCIENCE!

So when these same scientists watch the water temperatures increase, watch the polar ice caps and ice packs melt, watch the seas rise and say mankind’s increased carbon emissions are at minimum contributing to these climactic changes if not totally at fault, why do our leaders say that’s impossible…SCIENCE must be wrong?

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt. President Donald Trump pardoned the sheriff on August 25th. So now Mr. Arpaio’s defense attorneys and President Trump’s Department of Justice are pushing the judge to dismiss the case…saying it’s a moot point because of the pardon. I call bullshit…the conviction and verdict should stand and become part of his legal record…the pardon only removed his punishment.

But what do you think?