There are a lot of Democrats running to unseat incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker this year.

Some of those candidates are more credible than others, but each brings strengths and weaknesses to the table. What I’d like to know is who you’re supporting and why I should support your candidate, because thus far I’m undecided and kind of unimpressed.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Heart’s live performance tribute to Led Zeppelin!

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Watch as Milwaukee Public Schools Board Member Michael Bonds, who represents the Third District, shows what he thinks of a woman with an opinion, telling MPS teacher Amy Mizialko to “go to hell” more than once when she called him out during a recent board meeting.

Here’s the exchange in question.

It’s worth noting Michael Bonds telling Amy Mizialko to “go to hell” isn’t the only time he’s had an issue with a female educator, as you can watch HERE and HERE.

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This time it comes from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the dire straits that family dairy farms continue to suffer here in Wisconsin. I don’t have an answer for that issue and I wish I had. But one thing they shouldn’t have added to their issues…is pulling one of the family off the farm to provide health insurance:

At least one spouse, she (Elizabeth Schlintz, a dairy farmer from Bangor) said, has to work off the farm to get health insurance.

Every American should have access to affordable health care. They shouldn’t have to take a family member off of the farm to insure themselves. The family farm has been the core economic engine of rural Wisconsin for generations. It’s a small business. It can be a job creator. It helps drive the local economy. And its owners, its families, its employees, should have single payer health care…as should every other American. No one should have to worry about their farm and their heath insurance too.

If I rambled a bit…I am sorry…but this pisses me off.

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Please let’s not get overconfident about the election in the Wisconsin First Congressional District. There have already been emails and postings that Paul Ryan quit because he was afraid of the campaign being waged by one of Blogging Blue’s favorite candidates: Randy Bryce. There have been dozens of post-mortems on why Ryan quit, but Randy isn’t the main reason, ever.

And despite the fact that rumored heavy weight contenders like Wisconsin Legislative Speaker Robin Vos and former RNC chair and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus have said they aren’t running…the GOP will pull out a serious contender before too long.

So let’s not pat ourselves on the back. Ryan will be gone soon but there will still be a race in a very red gerrymandered district. And we will still need to contribute to the Bryce campaign and we will still need to get out the vote. And without Ryan in the race, we may not get the national attention that we’ve been getting until now when we get to the August primary.

So by all means celebrate Ryan’s departure. But let’s not gloat in our literature or postings or speeches. He didn’t leave out of fear of us.

full disclosure: I have contributed to Mr. Bryce’s campaign.

When I was a youngster growing up in rural Waukesha County my parents subscribed to the Milwaukee Journal, Waukesha Freeman and Lake Country Reporter. All print media with the most recent news from their self described bailiwicks. News also arrived via the radio and TV. We didn’t watch the evening network news per se, but the local 10 PM newscasts were a don’t miss. These would be the main stream media of their day. When I got older I added the Wall Street Journal when I had an extra 15 cents.

But now it’s 2018. The Milwaukee Journal no longer exists independently and is barely a newspaper. I haven’t seen a Freeman or Reporter in years. I am sure that they are pale reminders of their pasts. Local TV news isn’t really news anymore.

In 2018 we still have a few significant newspapers that are nationally known and carry some weight…but with a limited audience. The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, etc. And they are probably overshadowed by their on line presence. But even then their audience is probably smaller than in the past…just because they are real news and commentary…and it takes an effort and time to read and understand their content. Something that fewer and fewer people have the patience for.

But I often envision them as being the main stream media when the president and his toadies rail against the main stream media. And of course the NYT and WaPo are often the targets of the president’s scorn but in 2018 are they actually the main stream media. (and I bet the president’s base probably has never even seen these venerable grey ladies)

I think not. I think it’s fair to say that the cable stations are today’s main stream media. CNN, MSNBC and FOX. And no matter how much FOX rails against the MSM…considering the viewership in the White House and the public at large…and how many times they are quoted and how often linked to in social media…FOX and MSNBC and CNN are the mainstream media.

So who else? Huffington Post? Feels like they’ve been and gone. Breitbart? Too small too biased? The old line major networks? shrug…not sure.

But it just feels odd to me that the engines of contemporary news and commentary don’t recognize themselves in their mirrors as the main stream media. Look out FOX, YOU are the mainstream media!

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their first hit in the US and my favorite Hollies’ song to this day:

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Although both sit on the top of a pyramid of chaos…there is a clear difference on how they view their positions.

In his testimony yesterday Mark Zuckerberg says he’s in charge:

I started Facebook, I run it, and I’m responsible for what happens here.”

As opposed to our president who blames anyone and anything but himself when things go wrong in his cyclone inducing administration. Maybe one of the interns can find Truman’s ‘the buck stops here’ desk plaque in sub-basement B of the West Wing!

Well almost an open thread…but I really would like your thoughts on his decision to not run for re-election, what you think will happen in the First District, and where is Paul heading next?

Paul Ryan is abandoning the ship before it sinks!

One can hardly imagine a more obvious signal that Ryan fears the prospect, if not of losing his own seat, than of losing the majority and hence his speakership. In the past, speakers — understanding the demoralizing impact that premature white-flag-waving would have on their troops — had the good sense to wait until after the election to announce that they would exit the leadership of their party. Ryan’s move has several consequences.

Paul Ryan Upends Republican Hopes and Plans for Midterm Elections.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s retirement announcement on Wednesday blindsided many House Republican candidates and their campaign leaders who were counting on him to lead them to victory in the November midterm elections. His decision to leave Congress at 48 sent an undeniably pessimistic message to Republicans: that stable, steady leadership is lacking in their deeply divided party as they head into a campaign season defined by the whims of President Trump.

Mr. Ryan’s exit is a destabilizing blow to Republicans’ 2018 plans on nearly every front. The one-time Republican vice-presidential nominee has been the party’s most important fund-raiser in the House, attending fund-raisers nearly every night he is in Washington and raising more than $54 million so far for this election. In contrast to a president who embraces chaos, Mr. Ryan has also been a reassuring figure for the business community and a source of perceived stability for restless lawmakers pondering retirement.

I am fortunate to know Sarah McBride.  She is an amazing woman and an incredible advocate.  She was recently on Seth Myers promoting her book “Tomorrow Will Be Different. Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality”.  Check out her interview, then get and read her book!



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