Wait, what? Another candidate I know little to nothing about is waiting until the last minute to enter an already crowded field. Like he hasn’t noticed the 20 candidates at the bottom of the heap in the single digits? Or the 20 candidates below them who don’t even register?

Former Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has told Joseph R. Biden Jr. and other Democratic officials that he is considering making a last-minute entry into the presidential race, the latest evidence of how unsettled the party’s primary is less than three months before the Iowa caucuses.

Mr. Patrick has told party leaders that he doesn’t think any of the candidates running have established political momentum and that he thinks there is an opening for somebody who can unite both liberals and moderate Democrats, according to Democrats who have spoken to him.

At the same time, Massachusetts Democrats close to Mr. Patrick have started to reach out to prominent party leaders in early nominating states to alert them that he may run, according to one Democrat who has received an inquiry.

Ah…so the former governor has noticed the 40 candidates who haven’t established political momentum. What makes him think he can do better entering the race so late? Not making any of the early debates? And not being well known outside of the Northeast?

Mr. Patrick, I recommend finding a quieter less expensive hobby for this coming year. You have 6 weeks to select a New Year’s resolution!!

My off hand suggestion is Michael Bloomberg write Mr. Patrick a check to stay out of the race and then get out himself. He’ll have spent less money and saved himself a lot of pain and heartache.

Now that they have the open hearings that they demanded despite actually dreading them…never expecting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to relent…the GOP has put up their big tent.

First thing on the program…demand witnesses that add no value to the impeachment inquiry...nor even to their defense of the president.

Republicans on Saturday asked that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son and the whistleblower whose complaint triggered the impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump be called to testify in public hearings that begin next week.

Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, included the pair in a list of proposed witnesses that he sent in a letter to the panel’s Democratic chairman, Adam Schiff, published on multiple news websites.

In the letter, Nunes said the Democrats were pursuing a “sham impeachment process” that has mistreated Trump. Nunes also accused Schiff of fabricating evidence in order to cast “in a sinister light” the telephone call at the inquiry’s heart.

This is absolutely pitiful, even by Devin Nunes standards.

The inquiry is about what President Donald Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to do ‘as a favor’. And yes this first came to the fore via a whistleblower. But we are way past that now. We have first hand corroborating testimony from some of the actual participants. Other than embarrass the whistleblower and put them in harm’s way, nothing will be accomplished calling them before Congress.

And Hunter Biden? Other than to stall the proceedings, play to their base, or placate the president, what Hunter Biden did or didn’t do in Ukraine has no bearing here either. This is total distraction…no value add. It is just putting Rep. Nunes “in a sinister light”…one he apparently enjoys!

It is very hard to appreciate the sacrifices made by the many men and women who have served in our armed forces. Even for those of us who had a veteran for a parent, a sibling or a child. We understand how we hurt and worry…but we an never truly be in their shoes.

Thank you for your service…yes. But now we need to continue to ask, how can we serve you.

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Robert Cowles (R – Green Bay) is one of 18 Wisconsin State Republican Senators who dodged taking a stand and voting for or against common sense gun safety laws…by being a no show at a special session.

So I was just making a little joke the other night in my post: So When Will John Bolton Testify Before Congress? But it seems that I was right on the money…wish I’d bought some futures that same day…but alas I didn’t…LOL!

Or is he just stalling until he finishes his book?

Well it seems that there’s THIS:

John Bolton inks book deal as he fights court battle over impeachment testimony

Former national security adviser John Bolton, who has become a significant figure in President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, a source with direct knowledge of the deal told NBC News. 

He is represented by the Javelin literary agency, whose clients include former FBI director James Comey and the anonymous Trump administration official who wrote “A Warning,” which comes out Nov. 19.

Maybe if I run over to the Kwik Trip and buy another Powerball ticket?

As Turkish troops continue their unjustifiable invasion of Syria and their genocide against the Kurds, President Trump is patting himself on the back for keeping the US out of the bloody war. What?

Trump, in a tweet, said: “Very smart not to be involved in the intense fighting along the Turkish Border, for a change.

Totally ignoring the fact that there would be no intense fighting on the Turkish/Syrian border had the president maintained the US military presence in the Syrian Kurdish areas. Yes it’s good to not be involved in a war…it’s best to prevent that war in the first place.

President Trump has blood on his hands on this one…we as Americans do as well. For the short term, the national security committees in Congress should be looking at impeachment inquiries over the destruction of US Security in the Middle East by President Trump.

P.S. another lost in the ozone post…yuck. now I need to figure out what isn’t working. this one’s a month old.

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I totally missed the implications on all of this…but not everybody did:

President Trump is demanding the whistleblower who alerted investigators to his call with Ukraine’s president testify in person, which Trump refused to do during the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The lawyer for the anonymous whistleblower, whose identity is supposed to be protected by federal law, said Sunday his client was willing to give written answers to questions from Republican lawmakers involved in the impeachment inquiry. Trump said that wasn’t good enough.

So I am just leaving this right…here!

P.S. another post that didn’t launch as scheduled.

Everybody is running around discussing whether President Trump’s favor asked of President Zelensky contains a quid pro quo. The thinking that would make it an impeachable offense. But that’s not required.

All that needs to exist is the ask. The request of something of value to the petitioner. In this case dirt on a potential opponent of the incumbent president. Just the ask. The petitioned party needn’t do anything. The actual action never needs to occur…the asset never needs to trade hands.

It’s simply the ask.

Impeach the jerk.

P.S. for some reason this didn’t publish when scheduled.

Kathleen Bernier (R – Chippewa Falls) is one of 18 Wisconsin State Republican Senators who dodged taking a stand and voting for or against common sense gun safety laws…by being a no show at a special session.

As part of the 2019 – 2021 budget, apparently the minimum wage for state employees could move to $15 per hour. The budget left that open for final negotiations on the subject to the Evers administration and a legislative committee. So apparently the Evers plan was presented yesterday…we’ll see how the GOP reacts this coming week I guess.

Congratulations on getting the state into the 21st Century…but I don’t think we’ll get a statewide $15 minimum wage enacted while Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are still in charge.

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