As the ghost of President Richard Nixon roams the East Wing of the White House, President Donald Trump vindictively rescinds the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. But he’s not through there:

Striking at one of his fiercest critics over Russia, President Trump said Wednesday he has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan, and continues to review the clearances of other Barack Obama administration officials.

As critics accused Trump of seeking to silence opponents, the president added names to his list of other Obama-era officials whose security clearances are under review: FBI and Justice Department officials involved in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Beyond the absurdity of this in the first place, what exactly is the president supposed to be doing on a Thursday morning other that building ‘enemies’ lists?

But the removal of an individual’s security clearance isn’t really a problem for the individual involved…it may be an issue in the future if their advice is requested by the current or a future administration.

Security clearances for ex-government employees are not that unusual, and those who have them do not always exercise them.

Former leaders of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been allowed to maintain access to classified information, both as a professional courtesy and so that they can consult with successors on certain national security issues.

But the White House can do as it pleases here…and it won’t reflect poorly on Mr. Brennan. It’s just mean spirited and vindictive on the part of a particularly vindictive president. But then as often happens, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders gets involved.

“Neither of these justifications supports Mr. Brennan’s continued access to classified information,” Sanders said in reading Trump’s statement.

Any benefit of consultations with Brennan is “outweighed by the risks posed by his erratic conduct and behavior,” the Trump statement said, and that behavior “has tested and far exceeded the limits of any professional courtesy that may have been due to him.”

First, unless called upon by the government, Mr. Brennan doesn’t have access to classified information anymore.

Second, if anyone in the world is familiar with ‘erratic conduct and behavior’, it is Ms. Sanders and the rest of the staff in the West Wing.

So the bigger question: what is the Trump regime trying to divert attention away from this week with this silly event?

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This little snippet appeared in today’s print edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel but was originally published in the Green Bay Press Gazette: Tariff trouble: Brown County businesses face challenges as more tariffs loom.

[side not to MJS: if you are going to print it you should share it on your website too…it’s not friendly to make me search all over hither and yon for the original…and not when I have my subscription renewal sitting here next to my computer…snark]

but here’s something to think about and after this quote I will explain what I am thinking about it…got it?

The first wave of tariffs stung Wisconsin farmers and manufacturers, but Tony Ehrbar said the next wave will force him to change the way he does business.

Ehrbar owns American Tent & Sidewall, a small Green Bay manufacturer that turns Canadian aluminum and Chinese polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, into large party tents for weddings and commercial events. The Trump administration has targeted both raw materials for tariffs — 10 percent on aluminum and 25 percent on PVC.

“There’s an American-made vinyl, but it would not allow me to compete on price. I can raise my prices 25 percent (and pass along the cost to consumers). I can absorb the tariff and take a huge hit to my bottom line. Or I can raise prices a small amount and absorb the rest of the tariff,” Ehrbar said. “I may have to pull back on hiring staff or not grow as fast. The money’s just up in smoke.”

So what am I reading into this? Well the obvious that most of us have been aware of is tariffs are essentially taxes and the cost of tariffs in most cases will be passed through to the consumer…or at least where it can be passed through.

But for firms like American Tent & Sidewall…the two choices seem to be absorb the cost of the tariff or at least a portion of it…after determining how much of a price increase the market will bear. So essentially the company will reduce their net income by the amount of the tariff it can absorb. And what happens when they reduce net income? Well federal and state income taxes take a hit. Does the Trump regime even know that his is going to happen? Rather unlikely because they really really don’t seem to understand how business works.

Can we really bear continued declines in income tax revenue at any governmental level? In a year when we are going ot set a record federal deficit?

there are plenty of important primaries for you to vote in…so get out there and vote.

And remember these two things:

You can only vote for one party. If you split the ballot your votes won’t count.

Bring your valid photo id or you won’t get a ballot!

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Just a quick few endorsements for this Tuesday’s August 14th partisan primaries:

A: Everyone who gets out and votes!

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary: Kelda Roys

Democratic Lt Governor Primary: Mandela Barnes

Democratic House of Representatives 1st District: Randy Bryce

Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff: Earnell Lucas

Democratic Wisconsin Secretary of State: Arvina Martin

No really! Just hours after Vice President Michael Pence outlines the Trump regime’s plans for a ‘Space Force’, my email inbox receives a missive from the Trump/Pence 2020 campaign asking me to vote for a ‘Space Force’ logo so they can start selling swag. NO Really!

And what an incredible collection of amateurish logos. I thought Space Force was supposed to be a new department within the Armed Forces. Why is there a Mars Awaits motto on one of them? And the Star Trek people might have an issue with a couple of these as well. Don’t you think?? Sheesh!

added note: as an after thought…doesn’t this cross the line between governing and campaigning?

Oh wait….what? Apparently the demise of her own fashion line was incredibly timely…just sayin:

From yesterday’s White House email:

Back in the day this would have been incredibly hypocritical…having a business that imported all of its products from overseas…while touting employing Americans. And just because she shut down her business doesn’t excuse her from the inherent hypocrisy involved. But it’s the new normal in the Trump White House.

For those of you who are curious about what Justin Haskins had to say (this was linked from the text show above): Haskins: “Trump’s New Short-Term Health Insurance Rule is a Major Victory for Young People and Working Families”

And the additional opinion piece from Ms. Trump: Training for the Jobs of Tomorrow

disclaimer: I was in a Milwaukee band with James White (aka James Chance of the Contortions).

While putting the finishing touches on the follow up on issues with the response of Franklin city fathers to proposed new development, an acquaintance shared this link from WTMJ-TV: Concerns raised over new health clinic proposal in West Milwaukee.

The very popular and well respected 16th Street Community Health Centers want to expand into an additional location in West Milwaukee. An area that already has a large number of their clients. A multi-million dollar development in a vacant industrial building.

16th Street Community Health Centers already provides medical and behavioral health care to about 40,000 patients at the existing clinics, and about 7,500 of those people do not have health insurance.

They said they’ve seen a need to open a clinic in West Milwaukee.

“We’re already serving a large number of the [West Milwaukee] community,” said Director of Community Relations Chris Mambu Rasch. “Nearly a quarter of the residents live below the federal poverty line.”

But…but…but…city officials don’t think that’s the best possible use for the building…AND GET THIS:

There was also concern about how the clinic might affect established businesses in that area and the stress it may put on the police department.

emphasis mine

Maybe you can’t hear the dog whistle…but my guess? They don’t want those brown and black people that are clients to visit a clinic in their humble little village.

Some more background…

Some members of the Village of West Milwaukee Board say they don’t think a health clinic is the best use for that property.

“This is not a matter of revenue generating decisions for the village, this is a matter of whether or not it’s an appropriate use of the property, as a heart of the village development,” said Village Attorney Val Anderson.

And the clinics attempts to win the village over:

Rasch says 16th Street has agreed to pay the village a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) of $30,000 each year. The current property owner pays about $8,100 in property taxes, according to Rasch.

He also says they collected about 100 signatures on a petition from residents who would like to see the clinic built.

“It should be a win for the village to get a new investment in the community, a $7 to $8 million new clinic,” he said. “You’re getting 50 to 60 new jobs in the village and really it’s more importantly going to directly benefit the people who live here.”

And well?? The village punted:

The board decided Monday night to table the issue, so no action was taken. They plan to continue the discussion with 16th Street.

Dudes…and I am guessing most of the electeds in West Milwaukee (and Franklin) are dudes…if you are going to encourage development…industrial, recreational, residential, retail…it’s a given…you may need additional staff to support that development. That’s good urban planning…that’s what you are elected to do! To use lack of government resources as a stalling tactic for development that you don’t agree with is shortsighted and childish. Get with the program!

One of the issues most talked about this election cycle is health care…time to get on board and help where we can given we don’t have comprehensive healthcare coverage in this country. Sounds like this would help cover more of the uncovered!

Just over a month ago I posted about Franklin’s opposition to new development in their fair city. It was the addition of senior housing to an already approved mixed use development that include a ball park, retail, hotel, and other housing. Their opposition was based on increased stress on emergency personnel. I accused them of ageism.

Well…the next chapter in Franklin development. Guess what? They are going to welcome a new subdivision with 69 homes on 46 acres. I am guessing that means 69 additional+ improvements to protect from fire, floods, vandals, etc…and at minimum 69 additional residents…but probably far more considering few homes have only a single resident.

“We’re thrilled to see our community expanding and thriving,” Mayor Steve Olson said in a statement. “Aspen Woods will add 69 homes to the city of Franklin. That’s more than $30 million being added to the city’s value. Veridian Homes has been a great business to work with, and I’m excited to see the neighborhood take shape.”

The subdivision is being zoned to include a park, two storm water retention ponds and wetland conservation features, the city said.

Homes are expected to range in size from approximately 2,000 square feet to 3,400 square feet. The starting prices are likely to be in the low $400,000s.

Not a word about stress on the police or fire department or emergency services? Nope…not a hint of concern. What do you think? Ageism? Not enough additional property value? Too much ‘density’? Gotta wonder sometimes.

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