A draft of Scott Walker’s Labor Day speech

Via The Political Environment comes this gem.

A reader dropped this off. She said she found it on the back of a George Webb’s paper place mat, and I spent the morning getting the hand writing verified by a palm reader south of town and at two area Walgreen’s pharmacies, so here’s the transcription, verbatim, with his edits and corrections:


Union brothers and sisters.  Fellow state employees. Men and women of Wisconsin;
Labor Day greetings. I’ve been a friend to Labor and always supported its basic rights, like divide-and-conquer (not here, work in later), collective bargaining.  Fair union elections. The right to walk out. Hey, I told Marquette to take that job and shove it and that’s into year twenty-six. See, they tried to divide-and-conquer me from my friends and campaign committee. I showed them, aina!

And a special greeting to Wisconsin public employees. This isn’t one of those furlough days assigned by me where some judge comes in later and slaps me for it. It’s a real holiday, so enjoy it.

I appreciate all the sacrifices public employees have made since I dropped the bomb my modest proposal on them.  You know we had a budget deficit to close and I’ve kept my word that we’ll never have another one we can sell off enough state properties and raise more taxes on lower-income people to make sure we don’t have another one.

And the good thing is, Main Street didn’t miss a beat. Jobs are everywhere and if you string three or four of them together, you can earn a living wage. I mean, look at me: I can multi-task, coordinating the state and my campaign and some outside groups just like I did when I was Milwaukee County Executive.

More good jobs news: As I said the other day, our people found a four-day period in the second quarter of my third year in office where we created more jobs than Tennessee, Lower Sandusky and Crimea.

Plus – - and you will see this in the next installment of my ad series, “On the way to 25,000 new jobs” – - the statewide rolling average of new jobs as a percentage of the second-to-most recent fiscal year ‘s Labor Department monthly survey of employers whose names end in a “B” or “T” was higher than the traditional average of new hires in both The Town of Burke and the Town of Doyle.

There’s your smoking gun disclosure right there. Those are real places. PolitiFact my geography. I wouldn’t lie to you.

So we’re moving in the right direction.

And, yes, I just said “On the way to 25,000 new jobs” because – - and, yes I know I’m making news here and, yes, yes, yes, they say, ‘don’t waste it on a slow news day off,’ but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do – - we also found the original draft script of my jobs promise talking points, and I kid you not, it says “25,000. “

So we’re more than four-times past the goal. Promise. Whoo-Hoo.

What happened was that an extra “0″ got in there. A typo, probably by the same volunteer who put my campaign jobs plan on the web site in that big type.

Volunteers! I mean, everyone can’t be a Tim Russell. I miss that guy.

Anyway – - I’ve kept my promises, and I won’t be going to the airport or the Summerfest Grounds today to greet President Obama. (But keep options open. TV will be there.)

I never promised I would, and it’s crucial that a leader keep his promises.

Besides, I’ve already done that airport bit with Obama. He already got his Brewers and Packers’ jerseys. (Note to speechwriters, self: Mention Packers and Brewers ALOT from now on.) 

Does he think I’m made out of money? It’s not like I can just call up people with money and say, ‘send some’ to some kind of special fund.

Plus – - he’s taller than I am. (Note to self: check Jeb Bush and Rick Perry’s height. Damn his cowboy boots. Order lifts. Like the ones I had when I ran against Neumann & Barrett.)

So I’m sticking close to home today. Just me and the family and my defense team. We’ll grill some brats in the back yard and I’ll spread out that bag of leaves I keep behind the garage and re-rake them in case some reporter comes along to see if I’m working.

Trust me. I’m always working. I don’t take a day off, not even Labor Day. You’ll see the evidence.  The records. The documents.  My cell phone pictures. Check my Twitter feed later. All the important work stuff is there.

Laura Ingraham to listeners: Obama considers them, not Islamic State, to be “true enemy”

During the August 29 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show, conservative squawk radio host Laura Ingraham asserted that President Obama considers them, not the terrorists associated with ISIS, to be the “true enemy.”

Listen for yourselves.

VIDEO: President Obama’s remarks at Laborfest today

Today President Barack Obama celebrated Labor Day by giving a few remarks at Laborfest in Milwaukee.

Here’s President Obama’s speech.

So what do you think of President Obama’s speech?

Grothman voters

I think this cartoon says it all.


Pat Bomhack declared winner in 17th Senate district Democratic primary despite missing ballots

According to according to unofficial results reported to the state Government Accountability Board on Thursday, Democrat Pat Bomhack was declared the winner of the Democratic primary recount over Ernie Wittwer in the 17th Senate district. Wittwer was originally declared the winner of the primary by a narrow 7 vote margin, and a recount of the primary result took a turn for the bizarre when 110 ballots were found to be missing and a local canvassing board chose to take no action regarding those missing ballots.

While Pat Bomhack was quick to declare himself the winner on Facebook, Ernie Wittwer doesn’t appear ready to concede the election.

Wittwer said he is contemplating taking legal action to challenge the outcome of the recount because “there were irregularities all over the place” leading up to the recount. He added he will make his decision after talking to his attorney and advisors. Wittwer also has five days to challenge the results of the recount with the GAB.

“The Monroe votes I didn’t think cost me the election in and of itself,” said Wittwer, 66, of Hillpoint. “I’m befuddled by the irregularities, Monroe was just the biggest. It has undermined my confidence in the electoral process.”

Besides the lost ballots in Monroe, Wittwer said there was an open ballot bag found in Juneau County and absentee ballots were mishandled in other parts of the district prior to the recount.

“I don’t know what I’ll do but there are so many different threads to pursue here that you could make a lifetime career out it if you wanted to,” he said.

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

It used to be that if you wanted to do voter registration in Wisconsin you could get trained by the Government Accountability Board as a Special Registration Deputy(SRD), be assigned an SRD number, and then travel anywhere in Wisconsin to register voters. Not anymore.

The Voter Photo ID law stripped the GAB of any authority to train SRD’s and leaves it  in the hands of town and municipal clerks who, as a by product of the law, now have sole authority on these matters.

Some town and municipal clerks are very accommodating, such as Donna Austad in the city of Eau Claire, and Town of Washington Clerk Janelle Henning. Ms. Austad agreed to do an SRD training several weeks ago for roughly 25 of us who intend to canvass low income neighborhoods regarding the Badgercare expansion and minimum wage referendum questions on the Eau Claire County November ballot, and Ms. Henning agreed to honor that training and appointed ten of us as SRD’s in her township. But not every clerk is cooperative.

Meet Deb Grinde, Town of Brunswick clerk. Ms. Grinde has unilaterally decided that not only will she not honor our training from the City of Eau Claire, which borders the Town of Brunswick, she’s not going to appoint any SRD’s, period. So a town or municipal clerk now has the authority to stop dead in its tracks any voter registration drive that any organization or group of concerned citizens may want to mount in that jurisdiction.

When I pressed Ms. Grinde for a rationale behind her refusal to appoint any of us as SRD’s, she said she felt that voter registration information was already well publicized in the Town of Brunswick, in spite of the fact that the town has no website and, I’m told by a resident there, no newsletter.

This is, in my view, the kind of voter suppression the GOP was after when they passed the Voter Photo ID bill, and I think it’s a goddamned disgrace.

So do me a favor and call Deb Grinde at 1-715-834-7307 and tell her what you think, or send her an email at brclerk@gmail.com. And then contact your legislator and tell them we need to change the law so that if qualified Wisconsin voters want to register their friends and neighbors to vote, a town or municipal clerk can’t stand in the way.


Laborfest 2014

From my email inbox comes news of Laborfest 2014.


Laborfest Milwaukee,
the only festival on the Summerfest Grounds free and open to the public.
11am Parade beginning at Zeidler Square Memorial Park
Laborfest 12pm-5pm Summerfest Grounds

Organized by volunteers from local labor unions and affiliates and supported by area businesses and nonprofits, this year marks the 55th since the first Laborfest began in Milwaukee. Marking the constant struggles workers face, Laborfest is a time to not only relax with your family on the lakefront but join in solidarity for strong neighborhoods and communities.

Enjoy Labor Day, achieved for all workers by unions, at Laborfest Milwaukee 2014!

Children’s Activities
Live Music
Auto Show
Issues and Policies Tent
Food and Beverages available for purchase.

Milwaukee Area Labor Council on Facebook

For more information or to book an interview with Sheila Cochran contact:

Robin Lundgren, Administrative Assistant
Milwaukee Area Labor Council AFL-CIO
(414) 771-7070
Fax: (414) 771-0509
e-mail: robin@milwaukeelabor.org
633 S. Hawley Road, Suite 110
Milwaukee, WI 53214

It’s notable that among the guests at Laborfest 2014 will be President Barack Obama.

Sheriff David Clarke requests 157 new positions in 2015 budget

What’s this? Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke may finally be taking his job as a crime fighter seriously?!?!?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is asking for 157 new positions in his 2015 budget, saying the additions are critical for safety and to reduce overtime costs, which he estimates will hit $6.5 million this year.

The Journal Sentinel report isn’t specific on how many of the 157 new positions Sheriff Clarke is seeking will be actual deputy positions vs. jailer positions, but I’m guessing the number will include more jailers than deputies, given how much cheaper it would be to hire jailers and then move the deputies currently working in the jail into other positions outside the jail.

Either way, it’s interesting to see Sheriff Clarke finally taking an interest in doing some actual law enforcement work – it’s just too bad it took him 12 years in office.

Gender matters with Burke & Happ at top of Democratic ticket

This is an exellent read…thanks to commenter Duane12 for sending me the link.

“The gender is interesting,” said Happ, who got 52 percent of the vote in a primary against two men. “I think women are saying, ‘Listen, we want more representation in our elected officials.’ Because we are woefully underrepresented.”

Win or lose, having Burke and Happ on the same ticket is significant in a state where no woman has held the top office, only one has been attorney general and Baldwin is the first female U.S. senator. Three women have served in the largely powerless office of lieutenant governor, including Republican incumbent Rebecca Kleefisch.

When women hold the top spot, Duerst-Lahti said, “there’s a role model effect, it opens the door for other women to move up easier and faster, and regardless of anything else, we have not had that in Wisconsin.”

State tax collections fall $281 million short of projections

I guess now we know why Gov. Scott Walker was so nervous about the roughly $25 million casino payment the Potawatomi Tribe withheld this week.

State tax collections fell short of expectations by $281 million last year, providing potential difficulties in the future for the state budget and immediate fodder for this fall’s tight governor’s race.

If the state doesn’t make up this missing money by June 30 of 2015 — either through higher-than-expected tax revenue or lower-than-expected spending going forward — the state budget would be $115 million in the red by next summer. These figures do not include a $25 million payment that the Potawatomi tribe is withholding from the state because of a casino dispute.

For now, the state’s rainy day fund has enough money — $280 million — to cover the lagging taxes, though Gov. Scott Walker and lawmakers would have to pass a law to use it for that purpose.

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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