Chicago’s Hood Smoke have a new single out called “Depending on the Fool” and will play Linneman’s tonight Thurs, Dec 14, at 7:30PM

Check them out if you get the chance!

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This totally missed my radar. I didn’t realize the special election to replace the late Bob Gannon in Wisconsin Assembly District 58 was coming up quite so soon…but it’s basically a month away on January 16th 2018. And I am particularly penitent that I missed that fact that there is a Democrat running for the seat.

Meet Dennis D Degenhardt!

As the President and CEO of Washington County’s credit union, Glacier Hills, I grew our credit union by 285% and doubled our membership by helping our members meet their financial needs. I understands the problems and challenges everyday people face, living paycheck to paycheck.

Currently I serve as the President of the Washington County Campus Foundation where we award more than $150,000 in scholarships every year to deserving students who are trying to better themselves before they enter the workforce.

I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Degenhardt yet but please visit his website linked about or his Facebook page linked here!

Dennis’s Priorities for Wisconsin

Ensuring every Wisconsinite has the right to affordable healthcare

Creating family sustaining jobs with increased wages and improved benefits

Increasing public school funding because our children are our future, not a profit center

Demonstrating real fiscal responsibility by investing in Wisconsin, not phony fiscal “conservatism”

Repairing and maintaining infrastructure with current revenue, not increased debt and more delays

Revising and repairing the doomed Foxconn deal before it gets worse for taxpayers

Today’s New York Times laments the fact that President Donald Trump didn’t reappoint current Federal Reserve Board Chairman (her title preference) Janet Yellen to another term. It has been traditional for the new incoming president to retain the Fed chair…a tradition that apparently goes back 40 years. And it really is too bad that the president chose to ignore this tradition because Ms. Yellen has done an outstanding job in a very trying economic period.

But NYT goes in this direction:

So, why, many women wondered, replace her with a man?

“Janet should’ve been renominated, as every past Fed chair has been renominated for nearly the last 40 years,” Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said in an interview. “But it’s not the first time and certainly not the last a highly qualified woman is passed over for a job she clearly deserves.”

Mr. (Jerome H.) Powell, the incoming chairman, studied closely under Ms. Yellen and is largely expected to continue the economic path she has laid. “They appointed the apprentice instead of the master,” Heidi Hartmann, the president and chief executive of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, said.

The change, Ms. Hartmann added, speaks to the broader problem of a lack of women represented in finance and economic policymaking. “I think men have a fair amount of loyalty to other men, and the other people Trump consulted would’ve been more open to a man,” she said.

The White House shunned any accusations of sexism playing into the decision. “The mere suggestion is an affront to Chair Yellen,” the press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Here’s where I think the NYT is wrong. President Trump didn’t ignore the accomplishments of Ms. Yellen. But he didn’t reappoint her…but I don’t believe for one minute that in this case it was sexism. I don’t think the president made his decision on her gender. Her great sin was being an Obama appointee. For that sin she had to go…no matter her skill set…no matter her accomplishments. So for me the White House was correct on that single point.

But the White House action was an even bigger affront to Ms. Yellen. They failed to reappoint her because of her relationship to President Obama…not on her ability. How is that attitude any different that the sexism they were accused of?

Editor’s Note added 12/11/17: One of our regular readers stated that I rambled a bit and my point wasn’t clear. Here is my stance in a nutshell. Many supporters of Chairman Yellen believe that President Trump didn’t reappoint her to the Fed chair because of her gender. I believe it is because she was appointed by President Obama as President Trump continues to do everything in his power to undo everything that his predecessor put in place.

Thursday morning at the start of a school day, a gunman entered a high school in New Mexico and once inside started shooting and managed to kill two students. Fortunately most students were in their classrooms and the school went into full lock down and he wasn’t able to hunt additional victims. Once again we face a horrific shooting of innocent people. This time the shooter did not have a high powered semi-automatic rifle. But it seems that the death toll was so low this shooting hardly made the news. As a matter of fact here is the coverage in my local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Have we become so blase that shootings barely rate a mention? Or does the body count have to get to a minimum threshold to become news?

And again the gunman planned this ahead of time and came to the attention of authorities a year ago. He legally acquired his weapon. And yes, again the murderer appears to have been mentally ill from the various news reports. And it does appear that once again he fully intended to die during his actions.

[‘He Was Focused and He Was Deranged‘]

When are we going to have enough of this carnage? When are we going to provide health care that can help screen out those who are mentally ill, those who are a threat to themselves and others?

One other thing about this incident troubles me. The school did absolutely the right thing and quickly went to full lock down. That saved untold lives but…

Police responded to the school less than a minute after getting the initial calls, which came shortly after the start of the first period. With the school in lockdown, they got inside through a window and a door.

With the lack of effective gun controls and effective mental health care, as we continue to develop defensive strategies…the police shouldn’t have to resort to entering locked buildings via windows. There really has to be ways they can circumvent the lock down and enter the building as quickly as possible.

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enjoy this on whatever level your heart desires:

I remember hearing this on the radio when I was a kid.

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From the interwebs…social media…i.e. Facebook:

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From today’s Washington Post:

But there has already been a remarkable shift in tone among leading Senate Republicans. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), for example, not only defended Trump’s decision but downplayed the seriousness of Moore’s alleged misconduct. “He needs every Republican he can get, so he can put his agenda through,” the president pro tempore and chairman of the Finance Committee told reporters on Monday. “That’s the only Republican you can possibly get down there. … Many of the things he allegedly did are decades ago. So it’s hard to — that’s a decision that has to be made by the people in that state. If they make that decision, who are we to question them?”

“…things he allegedly did are decades ago.” Yes indeed…but aren’t we still hunting down WWII Nazis and bringing them to justice? Just sayin’.

The headline above was taken from this article in the Daily Mail (UK).

The US Justice Department announced Tuesday that it is reviewing the legality of “bump stocks,” two months after a man shot down 58 concert-goers from a Las Vegas hotel window using the devices.

The Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — which regulates firearms but not gun accessories — will determine whether the devices, which make a semi-automatic weapon perform like an automatic weapon, are illegal.

“Possessing firearm parts that are used exclusively in converting a weapon into a machine gun is illegal, except for certain limited circumstances,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Today we begin the process of determining whether or not bump stocks are covered by this prohibition.”

So they may already be illegal? But we don’t know for sure? We have to investigate it? We took two months to determine we need to look into whether something is illegal after stating that it might actually be illegal…after it helped someone kill 58 people and wound hundreds of others? It will certainly be interesting to see the result.

But it begs the question. Where is the promised flat out ban that Congress promised within days of the shooting? Couldn’t they have stuffed that in the tax bill too?

Obviously Blogging Blue doesn’t have the wherewithal to buy access to premium internet services if we lose net neutrality. So will you still be able to get your daily fix of skewed political commentary and sarcastic responses to commenters? Will the page load at a reasonable speed? Will it be found at all?

The loss of net neutrality is being sold as letting the market determine the winners and losers. But once again it seems like the haves will get to have some more…and the have nots may disappear into the ether. One of the pluses to net neutrality is Zach could start this site and I can keep it running without a lot of effort or financial risk. Essentially, though not literally, Blogging Blue’s voice is available as fully as the NY Times or Breitbart. Yes certainly we live or die on our content and marketing skills…and the amount of time and money we have to invest…but it feels that all things are being equal until now.

The FCC has a comments page going and it sounds like it’s being hacked and trolled in favor in eliminating net neutrality. So some are suggesting they put off their decision until they can sort out the chaff. Probably isn’t going to happen under the Trump regime. But once we lose it, there is very little chance we’ll ever get it back. Do we devolve our internet to being like China?

And the internet has allowed small entrepreneurs build new sites and new businesses that are worth billions and supply communication, products, and information around the world. Would Amazon, Google, Facebook exist if they were starting out in an internet without neutrality. Will the next round of inventors have the same opportunity?

And yes, big conglomerates have invested millions and billions of dollars to build the Internet’s infrastructure. But your tax dollars and government resources invented it and developed it. It really should still be ours!!!

From today’s Washington Post:

The Federal Communications Commission is expected later this month to repeal landmark regulations that aim to ensure that all websites, large and small, are treated equally by Internet service providers.

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