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The results are in! Megan O’Halloran won the primary for the MPS District 8 School Board seat…and will face second place finisher Kathryn Gabor in the April general election.

Now here are the actual results (keep in mind that this was the only race on the ballot in the entire city of Milwaukee):

6% turnout? 6%?? 7 blank ballots when the only race on the ballot was this school board race?

The winner garnered 1,665 votes? That’s 70 less than I pulled to come in third in 2011 (granted there were other races that year including a state Supreme Court primary…47% turnout). This isn’t democracy.

Seriously. This is a waste of time and money and an insult to the candidates who spent their time and money to run competitive campaigns. There were about a dozen poll workers on hand and one other voter there mid-afternoon when I voted. And there was very very little media attention paid to it.

There is no valid reason that would prevent these elections being moved to an even year next time around!

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Along with seemingly every Democratic elected official over the age of 35. And so far it’s been a positive race…everyone trying to get out their message…not one Democrat has attacked any of their opponents…so far.

So wait for it…about an hour after Senator Sanders (I-VT) announced his intentions, my Facebook timeline had a post from a Sanders supporter suggesting that the rest of the field should withdraw now.

Other comments stated that they were being posted to irk the Hillary supporters.

Look. I am glad that Senator Sanders has entered the fray. He has views and positions that need to be voiced. But I hope we can run an awesome, fact filled, position defining race in 2020. That goes for ALL of the Democrats running. We don’t need to re-hash 2016. We don’t have time for that. We shouldn’t be wasting our time on that. Let’s concentrate on winning in 2020.

Doesn’t it seem that this tweet from Vice President Pence indicates that the Trump regime intends to violate existing treaties about weaponizing space?

You may have heard that the United States Customs and Border Patrol detained two women (Martha Hernandez and Ana Suda) for speaking Spanish in a convenience store in Montana. Needless to say this didn’t go unnoticed and garnered some press at the time but more recently lead the American Civil Liberties Union to sue.

A bit of the back story…seems a little contrived:

After they showed the agent their valid Montana driver’s licenses, he briefly detained them in the store’s parking lot, the suit contends. The women then began to film the encounter on their phones, and asked the agent on video why they were being stopped.

“Ma’am the reason I asked you for your ID is I came in here and I saw you guys are speaking Spanish, which is very unheard of up here,” the agent said, looking into the camera.

One of the women then asked if they had been stopped because of their “racial profiles.”

“No, it has nothing to do with that,” he replied, according to the video. “It’s the fact that it has to do with you guys speaking Spanish in the store in a state where it is predominantly English speaking, O.K.?”

Now this took place in Havre, Montana…quite a distance from Latin America…so Spanish may have been unusual there…but I wouldn’t think unheard of…particularly since the women had Montana drivers licenses.

But why are their Border Patrol officers in Montana? Because they have the authority to work within 100 miles of an international border. And Havre is about 35 miles from Canada. Keep that bit of trivia in your memory for just a moment…because here’s where it gets ironically interesting:

During their detention, several more agents, including Mr. O’Neal’s supervisor, arrived on the scene, according to the suit.

Ms. Suda asked the supervisor, who was not identified by name in the lawsuit, if they would have been detained if they had been speaking French.

“No,” he replied, according to the lawsuit. “We don’t do that.”

Now recall that bit of fact from your memory…they are 35 miles from Canada…but wouldn’t find it suspicious for people to be speaking French.

OTOH: they probably know that no self-respecting Quebecois would be caught dead in Montana.

Between Vice President Mike Pence’s war drumming against Iran in Europe this past weekend and President Donald Trump’s meandering speech about Venezuela in Miami today….what diversionary war do you think he’ll try to wage?

P.S. What point is the White House trying to make by using the Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, for outro music?


It doesn’t surprise too many people in Milwaukee that this last combination of snow and cold and snow and snow has caused interruptions to the business of running the City of Milwaukee and environs. And that city and county and other local municipal road crews have been working overtime to keep the streets clear of snow. It happens at least once and often more than once each winter season.

But this year something is different. Alderman Tony Zielinski of Milwaukee’s 14th Aldermanic District is running for mayor of Milwaukee in 2020. So given the complaints about city services connected to the recent snow storms, he sent this out today on his official city stationary and from the official city email account:

The Alderman who is obviously part of city government is calling out the mayor and the department of public works for failing to do their jobs. A government he is responsible for…not responsible to. If he weren’t running for mayor this would never have been published. If he were concerned as an alderman this would have been taken up with the DPW directly. If he was concerned as alderman he would bring up budgeting for additional manpower and replacement equipment in the city council.

And it is known that the alderman is openly hostile to the street car and has stated that he won’t allow it to be expanded through the 14th district (despite the fact that it makes logical sense to run a spur from downtown to the airport which would run through the 14th). So the overall content here…attacking the incumbent mayor (who is expected to run for re-election) and his administration and the street car (one of the mayor’s priority initiatives) in this email smacks of concern as a mayoral candidate.

Calling the mayor to task and blaming the street car for budgetary restrictions are fine…for a mayoral candidate. But I find that there are serious ethical questions here. Alderman Zielinski used his city email account, his city letterhead, and his city title to castigate the city. Totally out of line…if this is how he feels…and this is how he wants to communicate this…it should have come from his campaign account with the indicia authorized and paid for by Citizens for T. Anthony Zielinski. Not with my tax dollars!

I hope you are all well…have sufficient provisions on hand…and have power and internet connection so you can keep up with the latest developments in our national emergency! Waiting for today’s presdential golf score (whoops forgot…that’s a national secret)…he already took a swing at the free press…that was a total miss and the ball was left on the tee.

Actually I am sheltering in place because it’s snowing again! Trying to decide my strategy in when to get out the shovel. I wish there was a Packers game this afternoon…no I don’t want to watch it…I just want the idiots off the snowy roads so I can head over to the store because I am running low on eggs, milk, bread, and Rice Krispies…

There is just one primary race in my neighborhood…that for the seat in District 8 of the Milwaukee Public School Board. There are three very qualified candidates running but I am supporting Megan O’Halloran.

Ms. O’Halloran is active in the greater Milwaukee community and understands the financial restrictions that limit the ability of the Milwaukee Public Schools to improve their programs and overall results. She is in favor of limiting class sizes and studying how MPS utilizes its resources. She is also dubious about charter and voucher schools that have no responsibility to the school board or the taxpayers. She is also willing to lobby in Madison to gain additional support for the MPS system (something that I don’t think is paid enough attention). I feel she is the best suited of the three candidates to help MPS progress in the near future.

I do like one of the positions held by candidate Kathryn Gabor: ” To improve parent engagements, she said, the district needs to educate parents on strategies that support their children in school, make better use of their volunteer talents and connect them with resources in the community.” Yes by all means!! But I question her commitment to reducing class size…she proposes 25 – 30 for a cap…omg…I would think 15 – 20 should be the target. And her waffling on voucher schools is a red flag for me.

The third candidate is Derek Beyer…a former teacher at Bay View High School and veteran of the US Air Force. Mr. Beyer’s experience as an educator is attractive but we have had a number of former teachers and principals on the board over the past decade and it hasn’t seemed to have gained us much traction. But his ideas about restrictions on voucher schools are attractive as is his commitment to empower teachers and educators.

But after considering the qualifications and backgrounds of all three candidates, I still feel that Megan O’Halloran is the best choice this Tuesday!

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