Liberal union thugs? How about Republican Congressional thugs? (VIDEO)

Conservatives, especially here in Wisconsin, are really fond of attacking so-called “union thugs,” but here’s an example of a Republican Congressman acting like an absolute thug.

Watch as Republican Rep. Michael Grimm of New York physically and verbally threatened a reporter following last night’s State of the Union address.

It’s notable that in a statement released after his thuggery, Rep. Grimm did not apologize for his behavior.

5 thoughts on “Liberal union thugs? How about Republican Congressional thugs? (VIDEO)

  1. Mark E. Bye

    Inasmuch as this ought to get airplay on EVERY media outlet in the nation, what’s your bet that it won’t?


  2. Sue

    The follow up question (anyone interested in asking?) should be:
    Could you explain the reference to breaking little boys in half?


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