Kshama Sawant responds to Obama’s State of the Union Address

You gotta love the sheer moxie and courage of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who took it upon herself last night to give the socialist response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.



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16 thoughts on “Kshama Sawant responds to Obama’s State of the Union Address

  1. Thanks Steve.

    I’m seriously considering sending money to a Socialist/Green candidate.

    I’m out of ideas about how to get the attention of the Democratic party, that they’ve strayed way too far into wingnut land and are protecting the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

  2. Look out Hillary supporters.

    Nice find Steve. Already sharing the link. Now for a musical interlude, RIP Pete.

    1. NQ,

      I know you think we’re falling down on the job here with no eulogy of Pete Seeger. I was waiting for Thursday music and I figured Zach or Ed would put something up. No slight intended toward Pete.

      1. I did not perceive any slight toward Pete, from you or anyone here, just viewed the Council member on youtube and Pete’s version was in the sidebar list. Thought it fit with the video from Seattle, nothing more than that. Sorry for not double-checking the link before sending.

        We are up 30F from this morning, just finished getting ready, packed up for an afternoon meeting, later.

  3. Platitudes, platitudes. A mix of truths and untruths just as the SOTU and indistinguishable from the Republican responses. Solutions? Zero. Any new insight about where we’re at? No. Any prescience about the shifting specter of the global elite? Unsurprisingly, not at all. Anything we don’t already know? No. Comprehensive plan for that fundamental and systematic change? None.

    Socialists, Republicans, and Democrats all looking very much the same. Completely interchangeable.

    Get organized? That’s the message? Where’s the most imperative clarion call – how much are American citizens willing to give up to ensure domestic tranquility and world peace? Anything? Where’s the plan for permanently subordinating the private sector to the public authority? There’s nothing here to organize around.

      1. Steve,

        If you demonstrate Archie Bunkerism, I’ll be drawing your attention to it. Getting stuck in one’s ways is probably inevitable for all human beings.

  4. PJ,

    Much appreciate your generosity of spirit, PJ. No shit. 🙂

    When it comes to Sawant, I just feel that if she’s got the courage and willingness to do what she’s doing I have a moral obligation to stand with her. It’s the Christian in me. In fact, I feel like I’d be a no good stinkin’ coward if I didn’t.

    1. Steve,

      I don’t know about moxie – The GOP trundled out four rebuttals. Doesn’t take much to play an empty blame game with a narrow agenda absent a cohesive strategy. Sawant didn’t even hint that she had a perspective wide enough to undertake the gravity of national or global affairs. She squandered her moxie. That said, I’m sure the effort will prove prudent for her career. As for standing with her, I’ll reserve support for substance and cognizance. I suspect she could refine both given a little more time – if she widens her scope.

      As for my generous spirit – I’m simply gobsmacked at your notice.

      1. Sawant may not have shown in her rebuttal that she “had a perspective wide enough to undertake the gravity of national or global affairs,” but the fact that we’re sitting here discussing a SOTU rebuttal given by an elected Socialist should count for something.

        Then again, what do I know?

  5. Maybe, Zach. But, the Socialists and the Greens for whatever reason don’t rise to fitness for governance, and I don’t perceive this to be an organizing issue on their part. I haven’t an explanation for it, but it is disconcerting. Ideology aside, the frightful ineptness of the Tea Party newbies in DC gives me a great deal of pause for supporting any party/politician that can’t tackle the great charge of democratic governance.

    1. You’re probably right that they don’t rise to fitness for governance on a national level – yet.

      Look, the fact that a socialist won an election as a socialist is progress, and I think it’s just going to take some time for the movement to develop fitness for governance on a larger level.

  6. At least one commenter on this thread was obviously using selective listening in shaping their belittling and dismissive, elitist attitude expressed toward the SSOTU Address. Obviously projecting personal views of someone completely stuck in one’s own stifling ways.

    I failed to see any the Councilperson’s speech mimicking anything close to either the Republican responses or the president’s SOTU snoozer. With a question like, “Any new insight about where we’re at?” one must infer that questioner had no disagreement with Ms Sawant’s first 3 minutes of describing in detail Obomba’s abysmal list of failures and lies thus far in office. As this same commenter included an ill-conceived reference to, “the shifting specter of the global elite,” but no reason why this straw-man needed inclusion in a SSOTU response indicates again someone viewing and listening the speech with extreme preconceived personal prejudice, i.e. nearly a straight forward, racially bigoted, Archie Bunker style commentary.

    Indirectly calling for strikes and worker actions in the SSOTU, referred to as examples of how small progress has been achieved recently, is hardly the same as either the R or D plans to extend, “free,” trade, the TPP part of the Barry-speak SOTU plan for prosperity. Bringing home our world-wide military interventionists, is not the same as Obomba’s stated desire for strengthening of our existing imperialist militarism in Asia.

    Where is it pre-ordained that the first steps of a newly recreated political/economic strategy (in the USA) that has barely taken hold in one large city, has to have an completely defined end game plan, “for permanently subordinating the private sector to the public authority,” before it is allowed or permitted to begin taking direct action toward immediate desired change?

    Platitudes a plenty, no denying it, in the comment at 11:50 am. A full crock of s**t for anyone actually buying into it.

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