Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson to debate TONIGHT, 10/18/12

The second debate between Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson in the race for U.S. Senate takes place in Wausau, Wisconsin tonight, 10/18/12. The debate will be televised statewide, but you can also watch online. If you’d like to watch along with the Baldwin campaign, follow this link.

Go, Tammy Baldwin, go!

Image-Tammy Baldwin for Senate

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4 thoughts on “Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson to debate TONIGHT, 10/18/12

  1. Kind of sucks that this is going on at exactly the same time as the Waukesha Dems meeting. Hope some folks record the debate and attend the meeting!

  2. I hope Tammy will make reference to TT’s recent op-ed in the Capital Times in which he supposedly presented his plan for health care. It clearly exposed that he truly has very little of substance that he’s proposing with respect to this very important issue.

  3. And the winner is…….Tammy Baldwin.

    The Ref should of stopped this earlier because of repeated low blows by Blowhard Thompson.

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