The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s resident conservative op ed writer and GOP apologist held forth on why unlimited money in campaigns isn’t really an issue. I am not going to do into that right now…but his most telling reason why the money isn’t that important is? Well, we’ll let Christian Schneider tell us himself:

Campaigns are extremely complex endeavors, which are affected by any number of factors. Perhaps most important, the partisan makeup of a district controls who is elected; it doesn’t take a seasoned political mind to recognize that Republicans vote for Republicans and Democrats vote for Democrats.

So the obvious gerrymandering of Wisconsin legislative districts was of crucial importance to the Republican party. More so than PAC money and voter ID!

3 Responses to GOP Apologist Actually Admits Why Gerrymandering Is Crucial

  1. Cat Kin says:

    So the obvious question now is how are we going to break this disparity? Rhetorical. Not by calling for legislation, complaining to one another or protesting and vituperating on the street. We have to find good Democratic candidates who are smart enough and qualified enough to cross party lines then spend the money and work like hell to get them elected.

    • nonquixote says:

      My understanding, there a bit over a week to get candidate nomination signatures turned in, June 2. Maybe if you are actually a party member you can let us know if the rumor of fielding a D candidate in every state district race or skipping 30 some odd races is the official party line and strategy?

  2. nonquixote says:

    ICYMI John Nichols’ remarks on a candidate who has actually framed an issue and made a statement about it in his campaign literature. David Leeper for State Treasurer, wishes to try to get a state bank instituted. North Dakota is an example to emulate. First Democrat to come up with anything solid that would inspire my effort to help in the election and actually go to the poles to vote for.

    Hear that Mike? Might want to talk to Mary. Is it an issue on the party agenda for June?

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