Walker administration job creation numbers in 2013 hit three-year low

But wait….I thought Wisconsin would be “Open for Business” under Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Gov. Scott Walker’s administration reported Thursday that just over 28,000 private-sector jobs were created in Wisconsin last year, the lowest annual amount since Walker took office.

Walker promised during the 2010 election, and again during the recall less than two years later, that by the end of 2014 the state would add 250,000 private-sector jobs. But after three years, based on the employment count Walker chose and that economists say is the most accurate, the state is only 37 percent of the way toward meeting the promise.

I think it’s safe to say Gov. Walker has failed miserably to live up to his promise to create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term in office, which is probably why you won’t find the promise mentioned on the jobs page of Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign website.


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3 thoughts on “Walker administration job creation numbers in 2013 hit three-year low

  1. Why doesn’t anyone talk about all the job loses under Walker. Thousands of private sector jobs are gone along with public workers as local, county, and state agencies were forced to let people go because of budget cuts. Add to that all the teachers that retired and were never replaced and the economy of the state is on the decline. Walker has done a horrible job managing the economy but as a result of his phoney budget crisis and tax cuts, he continues to put up good poll numbers. I talked to several people at a wedding this weekend and none of them had their property taxes go down last year. Yet Walker continues to tell the lie and most people are still shaking their heads in approval. If the news media refuses to report the facts, we will have to choice but to protest the governor whenever he appears at events that are covered by the media. Write letters to the editors statewide and point out how deceptive and counter productive Walker’s policies are. Once people understand what he has really done, they will not support him. This can be done.

  2. I’ll ask the Guv at the next open to the public, no charge for admittance, town hall meeting, without pre-screened questions, that he holds.

    I doubt the general public was even allowed on the premises when our zip-line, go-cart hero was out mingling with the owners of those, “attractions.” I wonder if he paid the regular admission prices or reported as gifts, his campaign activities taking advantage of using those attractions. (i.e. I’ll promote your business as you feature me as a candidate for re-election.)

  3. I just have to add this nugget as if fits so nicely with the latest jobs number post.

    Last evening while listening to the BBC I was not prepared for the opening to the Forum program where sixty seconds is allocated to someone to present an idea that can change the world. Professor Ian Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Warwick University, wants to stamp out math abuse, and used Wisconsin Republicans as an example of what he was talking about.

    “In 2011 the Republican Party of Wisconsin stated that over half of U.S. job growth came from their state in June. 9,500 jobs out of 18,000.”

    I found it incredibly funny the hijinks that Wisconsin Republicans would play with jobs statistics would make it all the way across the drink and wind up on a BBC radio program!

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