Is Senate GOP candidate Mark Neumann ripping off MoveOn?

Ultra conservative voters are ditching Eric Hovde in favor of Mark Neumann in the GOP race for U.S. Senate, it seems. According to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling, “The momentum in this contest is on Neumann’s side. He’s gained 10 points over the last month to go from 15% to 25%. His strength is coming from the most conservative wing of the GOP electorate.” So why is Mark Neumann ripping off an ad from the Progressive organization MoveOn?

Mark Neumann’s latest ad is EERILY similar to an old ad from MoveOn.

Here’s MoveOn’s ad:

And here’s Mark Neumann’s new ad:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess.

But MoveOn’s and Neumann’s ads differ in a glaringly obvious way. MoveOn knows that our deficit was run up by President Bush and that we need real reform to balance the budget, not just spend, spend, spend like the GOP’s wars and tax cuts.

MoveOn got it right.


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    1. Nice post! This line is my fave: “If your 3 year old grandson can solve perceived problems like our Government debt load, or debt/GDP ratio, he damn well better be solving cancer by the time he’s 6.”

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