Chris Larson: Nikiya Harris a “proven leader”

From my email inbox comes this.

Who we elect matters. As you know, we won my senate seat by beating an incumbent in a primary election just two years ago. At the time, I took a lot of heat from party insiders and the stagnant powers that fund the status quo. But the people who wanted new energy took a chance and stood with me. Because of them, and because of people like you, we won and showed an entrenched incumbent the door. Very soon after, the entire country found out how crucial that election was when the tough decision was made by my 13 new senate Democratic colleagues and myself to leave the state to delay a vote on Scott Walker’s divisive “budget repair” bill.

On August 14th, you have the opportunity to elect the next leader to the state senate. A proven leader and someone who is not afraid to stand up and fight for Wisconsin. If we are to take back our state, and once again prioritize education over special interests, we must ensure that those we elect will be fighters and not let our quality of life slip away for the next generation. We need elected leaders who will fight for our neighbors and not be afraid to take a bold stand. Holding the Senate majority by only one seat means we must be sure we elect someone who will actively work in fixing our state. This race is so important.

While I don’t live in the State Senate district Nikiya Harris is hoping to represent, I know Nikiya to be a solid progressive who will represent a clear departure from the “status quo” in that district.

If you’d like to make a contribution to help elect Nikiya Harris to the State Senate, you can click here.


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  1. I am lucky enough to be represented by Senator Larson and know Supervisor Harris…I wholeheartedly support her in her bid for the State Senate!

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