Today we honor their sacrifice.

Memorial Day

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2 Responses to We honor their sacrifice

  1. Cat Kin says:

    My brother enlisted at age 16 during WWII, served 4 years in the Pacific and Atlantic and came home. He had a slight schrapnel wound but not enough to get A furlough. He used the GI Bill to get a degree in broadcasting and raised seven children working in radio.

    I graduated from high school and would have enlisted for the GI Bill but it was discontinued my senior year. So I married, worked my way through college in advertising and missed the Vietnam debacle. But some of my classmates did go and die. A few were highly decorated. So our high school reunions are always a Memorial Day celebration.

    Let’s make sure our returning vets have adequate medical care and a viable middle class economy to become happy, productive citizens of this nation. Cutting taxes for the rich while cutting benefits for medical aid, the poor and middle class won’t get it done and we all know this, Governor Walker.

  2. nonquixote says:

    Enough yet Barack?

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