As reported by the CapTimes, all four Democrats on the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance joined six Assembly Republicans in voting to pull out the state’s credit card and charge $350 million for road projects throughout Wisconsin. The four Democrats who voted with Republicans to pull out the state’s credit card to the tune of $350 million are Chris Taylor, Gordon Hintz, Lena Taylor, Jon Erpenbach.

As James Rowen rightly noted at The Political Environment, we’re never going to get transit, clean air or social justice if our state’s elected officials (and more importantly our state’s Democratic elected officials) keep funding the WisDOT concrete machine with education and health care dollars or other people’s borrowed money.

One Response to Democrats join Republicans in approving $350 million in borrowing for WI DOT concrete machine

  1. sancheq says:

    In keeping with our state’s tradition, they are all about “milking the cow”. Nothing more to see. No ideals here, folks. Just move along.

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