Gas On Fire Award Goes To: Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton

Without a shred of evidence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speculated last evening that perhaps Trump was on the telephone to Vladimir Putin as the January 6th Capitol siege unfolded, resurrecting, yet again, the specter of a Russian government hell bent on destroying American democracy from within.

At what point do democrats admit that the entire ” Trump/Putin” confabulation was both horrible political strategy and genuinely bad for the country? Democrats are still on the hunt for evidence of Trump/Putin collusion in the same way Trump supporters are still on the hunt for evidence of massive voter fraud. It hasn’t materialized in either case. God almighty on a hard roll, people, give it goddamned rest.

What the American people need right now is help. They need assurance that we’re going to get past this pandemic, that they can pay the back rent, keep their jobs, their small businesses, feed their families, not get swamped by medical debt, not lose loved ones to the virus and that some semblance of normalcy is at least on the horizon. That’s what people need right now.

What we don’t need is the entirely unnecessary, personal politics of vengeful payback and the continuing domestic social fabric deterioration it threatens to fuel. We just don’t need it.

And we don’t need a fabricated and hostile ramping up of tensions with Russia. It’s bad foreign policy, which wildly over inflates annual so-called ” defense” spending, which in turn results in chronically underfunded domestic policy proposals like national, publicly funded health insurance. You know, the things people need.

So if you’re a Wisco democrat reading this, here’s what I hope you’ll do. Call the Dem congressional Rep of your preference, Gwen Moore, Tammy Baldwin, Ron Kind or Mark Pocan. Tell them you want the democrats to focus on real, kitchen table issues, not imagined, Kremlin tabloid issues. Enough is enough, for Chrissakes.


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6 thoughts on “Gas On Fire Award Goes To: Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton

  1. WTF is wrong with you? Did you not read the Mueller Report? Did you not know that Rosenstein prevented the FBI and Mueller from investigating Trump’s personal and financial dealings in Russia? Did you not see Putin and Trump in Helsinki? Moving on does not mean forgetting for Chrissakes.

    1. Politico reported in March of 2019 that the Mueller Report found no Trump/Russia collusion.

      What Rosenstein did or did not do isn’t evidence of anything. Neither are your, or anyone else’s, perceptions of how Trump and Putin behaved in Helsinki. Nor is speculation from Pelosi and Clinton on who Trump may have on the phone.

      If you’ll re-read the very first sentence of my post you’ll see the word ” evidence”. Not hearsay, conjecture, hyper-partisan speculation from democrat fundamentalists, rather, evidence.

      Similarly, when an old hometown friend, A Trumper, says to me over the telephone ” what about those hundreds of people who signed affidavits claiming they saw or even participated in election fraud? Isn’t that evidence?” You know what I say to him?

      I say ” no, that’s not really evidence of anything. It certainly is probable cause to investigate further, and that happened, but no further evidence could corroborate their claims.”

      Now, if someone turns up evidence of Trump/Putin collusion and he’s charged with crimes, I’ll sit up and take notice.

      Until that happens I think democrats should turn their attention to what matters to the American people, not what matters to fundamentalist democrats.

      So, to answer your opening question, there’s nothing wrong with me.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee investigation findings would disagree with you. Nevertheless, your assertion that the comments you cite could fuel a fire of bad relations with Russia is laughable. Your supercilious spouting seems like a flimsy excuse to bash powerful Democratic women while trying to sound as if you care about real humans. I think that you should use your platform to say something useful.
    By the way, Mr. Trump is charged with inciting a violent mob to commit sedition at the US Capitol. I think that is a crime. Hopefully, Republicans will have the stomach for performing their duty with courage and honesty. I don’t have any more time for this, but I am curious as to whether you will publish this comment.

    1. I have no control over whether your comments are published. And I’ll write what I like.

    2. K Michel. Do you disagree with me that Democrats should turn their attention to what the American people need? I’m easily as curious as you are.

  3. Awardees rightfully recognized, thank you Steve.

    As US troops and tanks re-enter Syria and head right for “protecting,” the oil fields, and Biden begins to adopt the medical/insurance/provider industrial complex lobby’s healthcare denial plan, asking for greater public subsidies to funnel greater wealth to them through the most costly and inefficient healthcare delivery system to the fewest Americans, the ACA, Democrats from the top are putting off that kitchen table issue of putting food on the table for starving US children. Priorities, you know.

    It certainly didn’t take long for you to get a sudsy bucket of Democratic female “diversity,” woke-washing for your post from a reader. This same laundering from “wide-tent inclusion” racial and ethnic and other gender friends will continue to be used to blunt criticism of the Dem Oligarchy and corporate control.

    Indeed, letting go of Russia and focusing on the now suspected 50 GOP legislative insiders, FBI, homeland insecurity and Capitol police, along with active LE and active military involved in the attempted insurrection and coup, that willingly handed over surrendered and sacrificed the US Capitol on Jan 6 should take priority.

    Apologies for harping on Mike Gallagher again, but he has single-handedly and publicly whined more than anyone in the state of WI, how threatened he felt, what an authentic victim he is and rewrites/emphasizes the narrative of his own glorious efforts (cowering in his office) to bravely stop the attempted coup.

    Great post. Thanks

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