Wisconsin’s struggling Assembly Democrats choose Gordon Hintz to lead them (meh)

In a move that seems destined to lead to no good outcomes for them, Wisconsin’s Assembly Democrats have elected State Rep. Gordon Hintz as their leader. Hintz will replace Rep. Peter Barca of Kenosha, who announced earlier this month he was stepping down as Assembly minority leader after many of his members tried to remove him.

While there’s no doubt some will consider Hintz a great choice I think he’s absolutely the wrong choice to lead the Assembly Democrats as they seek to regain the majority in the era of Donald Trump. After all, Rep. Hintz has plenty of baggage ranging from being ticketed as part of an investigation into prostitution at an Appleton massage parlor to his “You are F***king dead!” exclamation to a female Republican who was serving in the Assembly with Hintz.

In the era of President Donald “grab them by the p***y” Trump, choosing a man with the kind of history Gordon Hintz has to serve as the face of Wisconsin’s Assembly Democrats seems to me to be an uninspired and puzzling choice.

Meh….a million times meh.


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5 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s struggling Assembly Democrats choose Gordon Hintz to lead them (meh)

  1. From what I have been reading I realized that this was a foregone conclusion…but I am in total agreement…a million times meh. We need new dynamic Dem leadership in Madison.

    1. I realized it was a foregone conclusion as well (that was plainly obvious), and you’re absolutely right that Assembly Democrats need a dynamic voice, not someone with more baggage than a Samsonite salesman.

  2. I just happen to appreciate Hintz, so good for him.

    Zach & Ed are just like watching the Channel 12 Mike Gousha show–a right-wing conveyor belt to public non-information.

    Saw on the news tonight that Hintz won the election, so now our Democratic Party can have something to look forward to.

    Thanks, Mr. Hintz, as we can now look forward to a conception of what will win in 2018 and 2020.

  3. Good Morning,
    Though I believe that Rep. Hintz is smart, dedicated and committed, I feel that his background will be a burden for him and his party in this state. His new role will include lots of fundraising and rubbing elbows with some pretty high-heeled folks – so being a bit of a laughing-stock cannot be helpful.

    1. Paul is what you call a “concern troll.”

      Hintz is smart, etc… A big improvement over the Barca show. Just maybe the idea should not be to trade spit with those “well-heeled,” and stand for what voters (if they are given something to be inspired to vote) would want to win.

      Hope my opinion doesn’t steal tax dollars from your wallet. I just like the idea of progress.

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