Why Don’t We Vote?

These two photos are Afghans waiting to vote despite the threats of death from the Taliban.

Yet we had an election here in Wisconsin on April 1st when only 9.3% of the electorate bothered to show up. And no body was threatening their lives if they did so. So they got to decide [...]

Cudahy Ald. Justin Moralez garners endorsement from Randy Hollenbeck

Earlier this week, Cudahy Ald. Justin Moralez announced he’s running as a Republican for the 20th Assembly District seat currently held by Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki.

On the heels of Moralez’s announcement comes his first key endorsement, as fellow Cudahy Ald. Randy Hollenbeck has announced his full-throated support of Moralez’s candidacy. I am honored [...]

Common Ground to oppose public funds for new Bucks stadium unless funds also allocated to improve parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields

According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the citizens, churches, small businesses, nonprofits and neighborhood groups who comprise the Common Ground organization are contemplating action to oppose public tax dollars being spent to build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks unless $150 million to $250 million of any such allocation of tax [...]

That Didn’t Take Long: Supervisor Bowen to Run for Rep. Pasch’s Seat.

Just a day after Representative Sandy Pasch’s announcement that she will not seek re-election from the Wisconsin 10th Assembly District, County Supervisor David Bowen throws his hat squarely into the ring.

I don’t think he’ll be the only candidate…seats without incumbents are magnets for political figures wanting to move up and there is no reason [...]

Justin Moralez to run for State Assembly (UPDATED)

Via Twitter comes news that Cudahy alderman Justin Moralez, who’s just a year into his three-year term as the first district alderman, is planning a run for the State Assembly seat currently held by Democrat Christine Sinicki.

Come join me as I announce my campaign for State Assembly! #jm20 pic.twitter.com/yoKZahSBNc

— Justin Moralez (@votemoralez) April [...]

Marina Dimitrijevic response to successful County Board referendum: we need a task force!

This is more than a little funny… Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic said she’ll work to strengthen the board in the face of the referendum vote, while others proposed switching to night County Board committee meetings by the end of the year.

Dimitrijevic said in a statement she will appoint a task force “charged with strengthening [...]

Some spring election thoughts

First, this is a great thing:

WI votes to amend $ out of politics: Belleville 85% DeForest 69% Delavan 76% Elkhorn 69% Shorewood 77% Waterloo 61% Waunakee 79% Windsor 70%

— John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) April 2, 2014

Nichols’ tweet came before the results were tabulated in the City of Waukesha, which voted 71% to 29% to limit political donations, and in Scott [...]

Milwaukee County Board pay referendum passes easily

By a margin of 71% for and 29% against, the referendum to cut the pay of Milwaukee County Supervisors passed and will become a reality after the current group of supervisors stand for re-election in 2016.

While I’m not surprised by the outcome of the referendum, given the fact that every community that had previously [...]

Dissimulation on County Board Referendum Right Down To The Wire

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is taking the lies and obfuscations about the Act 14 required referendum on Milwaukee County Board pay and benefits right down to the wire. In a front page article in their March 31, 2014 print edition, they continue the nonsense about cutting supervisor’s pay by half will result in a part [...]

Cornwall campaign: working hard to win votes, or hardly working?

I find this hilarious:

What’s amusing to me about that Facebook post from Cedric Cornwall’s judicial campaign is the fact that whomever posted it seems to think that knocking on hundreds of doors in a county of nearly a million people and 417,411 housing units is somehow indicative of how hard the campaign has [...]

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