Kyle Maichle plays fast and loose with the facts

Over at his Mike Tate hate blog, Kyle “North Shore Exponent” Maichle has a new hit piece attacking Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett via a YouTube video. In his YouTube video, Maichle asserts Barrett is no friend to public safety, and to bolster his case, Maichle notes Tom Barrett furloughed Milwaukee Police officers while Milwaukee County [...]

Kyle Maichle of “Mike Tate Watch” needs to work on those comprehension skills

In a recent blog post, Kyle Maichle of the Mike Tate Watch blog breathlessly notes how Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Mike Tate used “racial references” to attack Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy: In another sign of of their lack of regard for respect to all people, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin again is using [...]

How’s this for “logic?”

“Career Politician Mark Neumann off-base with his attack towards Scott Walker”

That’s the title of a recent blog entry by Kyle Maichle of the North Shore Exponent blog. Maichle, a die-hard Scott Walker supporter, seems to think Mark Neumann is a career politician, and when confronted with the fact that Scott Walker has spent more [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

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