Clarke Flip-Flops on Concealed Carry

As reported first by Xoff, David Clarke’s apparently changed his tune in a big way when it comes to allowing folks here in Wisconsin to carry concealed weapons. Back in 2003, Clarke supported a ban on concealed weapons, going so far as to urge Governor Jim Doyle to veto a measure that would have lifted the ban. Back when he supported keeping the ban in place, Clarke cited concerns about the safety of his deputies and what would happen if there were a “flood” of dangerous weapons to Milwaukee’s streets. As recently as last fall, in his campaign to be re-elected as Milwaukee County Sheriff, Clarke remained opposed to overturning Wisconsin’s ban on carrying concealed weapons. Sheriff Clarke’s flip-flop came to light in an email he sent to Charlie Sykes blasting Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Jim Doyle, and State Senator Spencer Coggs, among others, for all that ails Milwaukee’s inner city. What I’m left to wonder is if Sheriff Clarke, as an elected official and Milwaukee’s “top cop” is willing to accept any blame for the state of the City.

Obviously this is just a prelude to David Clarke running for mayor, but I can’t help but wonder what accomplishments David Clarke has as sheriff that make him a better candidate for mayor than Tom Barrett. What’s he done to distinguish himself, besides kissing the collective asses of the local right wing radio nuts?


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2 thoughts on “Clarke Flip-Flops on Concealed Carry

  1. Oh Blue, don’t you know? He took the initiatve to put the deputies in the parks. Of course that was after he took them out of the parks for his failed GRIP program. But he put them back after people got killed.

    He also wasted money to get all the deputies new shiny badges that match his tattoo.

    And don’t forget his most impressive feat…He changed the name of the Sheriff’s Department to the Sheriff’s Office. Of course that means spending more taxpayer money on new letterhead, new patches, new signs…

  2. That is quite the list of accomplishments. If I lived in the city, I’d vote for someone with such a litany of accomplishments in a heartbeat!

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