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  1. I find it interesting that none of the Dem recall ads focus on the issue of the budget repair bill or union issues. I thought that was supposed to be THE most important issue and the whole reason behind the recalls in the first place. What gives?

    I got about a minute into that “inspirational” video and I was reminded how whiny, ridiculous, and mostly uninformed those protests were. Now that it’s all said and done it seems to be working just fine.

      1. Rich, you miss my point. I am sure you can be angry at Republican legislators for all sorts of reasons, but the reason given for the recall petitions was the budget repair bill (i.e. the union issue). So my point was that since that was such a big deal to you all (and supposedly the candidates running), that neither they nor the independent ads focus on, or even dare mention, the union issue. What do you think that means?

        1. Why must it be a one-issue election?

          By your logic, this election should only be about the budget repair bill, when the Republicans being recalled have plenty of baggage besides their votes on that one bill. It’d be extremely dumb for the Democrats to focus only on one issue, but I’m sure that’s why you’d like to see it.

          1. So recalls can be about anything and everything? I never said it had to be a one-issue election (although a recall probably SHOULD be), however you honestly don’t think it is a bit strange that they don’t bring up the union issue at all? After all, without that issue coming forward there wouldn’t even be the recalls to begin with. If it’s soooooo important, I would think Fred Clark and the rest would at least MENTION it.

            1. I am not sure where you are getting that no candidate has mentioned it. Are you monitoring all candidates all the time?

              I personally have heard Jess King, Sandy Pasch and Fred Clark all discuss it.

              1. They have discussed it… anywhere outside of a fundraiser or union gathering? Even the 3rd party Big Labor money ads are diverting from the union issue by bringing up Medicare (a FEDERAL issue)!

          2. Zach, if it’s just about general baggage and not the specific budget repair vote, wait until the next election. Can you say abuse of recalls.

        2. No Zach, I didn’t miss a thing. But what I’ve missed are those triumphant positive ads by those defending their seats and the praise for their courageous actions as well as the fulfillment of their campaign promises which, if I recall, were about how we were going to get more jobs in this state. Where has that been?

          But to be fair, the stark realization of where our process has come is very depressing. I have not seen one ad actually paid for by a candidate on either side. All I have seen are attack ads paid for by PACs. The effects of Citizens United continue to be felt.

    1. “Now that it’s all said and done it seems to be working just fine. “

      Let’s just wait and see what the economic impact is once the more draconian parts of the budget repair bill are fully implemented and public employees have a lot less money to spend; I’m betting things won’t be so hunky-dory for a lot of the small businesses in Wisconsin who do a lot of business with public employees, especially in small towns and the more rural parts of Wisconsin where public employees are a big part of some communities.

      1. Zach, suddenly considering business interests are valid. Too funny. And businesses wouldn’t have suffered if we had just raised taxes?

        1. I’m not “suddenly” considering anything.

          “We” (by that I mean Scott Walker and the Republicans I’m assuming you support) did raise taxes, by the way. Scott Walker’s biennial budget slashed funding for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which will raise taxes for lower income folks.

          But hey….I suppose raising taxes on lower and middle class folks is okay, as long as we give tax cuts to the rich and to corporations.

          1. Hey wait a second Zach, I thought closing loopholes and credits didn’t count as tax increases.

            1. When did I say that?

              But getting back to my point….are you okay with tax increases, as long as they’re on the poor and middle class folks?

              Oh, and according to Grover “hero of the right” Norquist, closing a tax loophole, eliminating subsidies, etc. do constitute a tax increase. Do you disagree with Grover?

              1. FMSN left the [“peanut gallery” of the] building” once he ran out of peanuts, and realized that Zach had him in a corner.

              2. Zach, making the EIC more restrictive isn’t a tax increase, because it was a credit given to people who usually don’t owe any income taxes to begin with. It’s no more a tax increase than ending the cash for clunkers credit was a tax increase on buying a car.

                Yes I disagree with Grover about eliminating subsidies and special credits in some situations. I think it would be better to focus on simplifying the tax code and in exchange overall lowering the rates, instead of making people do certain things or jump through certain hoops to get a tax break.

                By the way, I do support tax cuts to attract businesses, because you know what? They bring jobs! That broadens the tax base. I suppose we should have raised taxes on businesses and let them go to another state. Then you could feel good about yourself about how we are “helping” the poor.

    2. They don’t do it anymore for the very same reason why the Republicans don’t attack unions anymore in the ads. That was the first fight name. They’re now focusing on other issues that were damaged by the budget repair bill, I think you may remember me specifically complaining there was other things that were being damaged.

      I really don’t think you should be talking about it being just fine – you kind of live in one of the most affluent counties in the state. It’s fine for you. That and we won’t be seeing the effects of how much damage this bill has done until next year – you know, when you can blame Democrats.

  2. Still get goosebumps from that video. Rebellion (Lies) the perfect soundtrack in more ways than one.

    Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is.

    The beast has awoken and it’s time to vote, damnit!

  3. Zach, you must be doing something profound and correct to have so many shithead righties jumping up and down in hissy fits on your blog. Keep up the good work!

    1. Wow, stay classy Jan! I guess so-called “open minded” liberals can’t fathom or tolerate a difference of opinion. If one dares to express another point of a view you label it a hissy fit and begin the name calling. Good day.

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