Taylor to Challenge Walker?

All I can say is I hope so.

Michael Horne of Milwaukee World has already reported State Senator Lena Taylor announced her candidacy to unseat Scott Walker at Fighting Bob Fest, while Greg Borowski of All Politics Watch is reporting no official announcement has been made. While she may not have declared herself a candidate for County Executive yet, I think it’s just a matter of time before Sen. Taylor jumps into this race. Other possible candidates have already begun to make it clear they have no intention of running, which leads me to believe they might be “taking one for the team” so Taylor can run the kind of campaign that’s going to be necessary to beat Scott Walker.

To be honest, I’m salivating at the possibility of Lena Taylor running for County Executive against Scott Walker. I think Lena Taylor’s just the kind of person that Milwaukee County needs as our next County Executive. Scott Walker’s going to have a heck of a time beating Lena Taylor, especially as his support continues to dwindle. Between his veto of the sales tax referendum and his broken promise not to run for more than two terms in office, Scott Walker deserves to be shown the door.


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3 thoughts on “Taylor to Challenge Walker?

  1. Not only would it be great to have Taylor as county exec on the basis of simple job performance (as that we have yet to see Walker do his job) but she is the kind of person who won’t put up with the vitriol spewing forth from the squawk radio personalities. She showed she has more class and wits than Chucklehead Sykes during the November 2006 elections, when she schooled him on Channel 4’s news coverage.

  2. I have since done additional research since the Journal Sentinel cast doubt on my posting. I discovered that Taylor had visited the offices of the Milwaukee County Election Commission on Monday to file papers of intent. She must amend the papers to include the signature of a treasurer, according to staff there.
    So, a day before the Journal Sentinel posted its item doubting “if” she has decided to run, she had already been to the official office for declaring one’s candidacy. The Journal Sentinel should have checked with the commission, as it should have when it earlier declared nobody had yet come forward to run for county executive.
    By the time they wrote that story, Joe Klein had already filed, and I had already reported the information.
    Here is my updated post:


    Michael Horne

  3. Thanks for the update Michael. It appears the folks at the MJS need to do a little more fact checking before they submit their stories.

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