John Jazwiec is Certifiably Insane

First of all, I have to give props to Michael Mathias over at Pundit Nation for his entry on John Jazwiec, as well as links to emails Jazwiec has sent to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. For those of you who are unfamiliar with John Jazwiec, he’s the Milwaukee-hating CEO of RedPrairie Corporation who recently alleged his family were the victims of a home invasion by a large black man, only to turn around and refuse multiple attempts by Milwaukee police to investigate the incident he is alleging occurred. Instead, Jazwiec decided to send an email directly to Mayor Barrett and the media, apparently figuring the problem would be solved if only he got some press.

What I find to be most interesting in this whole situation are the emails Mr. Jazwiec sent to Mayor Barrett. The first is a bizarre rant that mentions “de-annexation” and allude to the fact that his family were the victims of an “inside job” by the Milwaukee Police Department. The second email came in response to a polite email from Mayor Barrett’s office, and in it Mr. Jazwiec rants that the Mayor works for him.

Whether the incident happened or not, John Jazwiec is seriously unhinged, and his behavior shows just how out of touch rich folks are with the reality that the rest of us average folks live in.


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4 thoughts on “John Jazwiec is Certifiably Insane

  1. I had checked CCAP yesterday before I posted, so I did see the multiple divorce attempts, but I didn’t want to kick the poor guy while he’s down.

  2. While HE’s down? Consider what he’s doing to his neighbors, his city, MPD, and more. Same for her, as she’s got as many filings as he does. No one made them do this to everyone around them — and no one made them tie up the time of the alderman’s office, numerous officials right up to the mayor, and many MPD officers who could have been out fighting real crime in the city.

    And this definitely is no “poor” guy.

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