Michael Gableman: Completely Nonpartisan!

I’ve read that Michael Gableman has said his interest in the Wisconsin State Supreme Court seat currently held by Louis Butler has nothing to do with partisan politics, saying:

“I am not running to become a lawmaker,” Gableman said in a Capitol press conference. “Lawmaking should be left to the legislative and executive branches. I believe that justice comes from administering the law with an understanding that its source is the consent of the governed, not one’s own personal ideology.”

It’s curious then, given Gableman’s insistence he’s not a partisan, that he’d spend so much time quoting from former Wisconsin State Supreme Court justice (and far-right conservative) Diane Sykes during his announcement of his candidacy for the State Supreme Court seat currently held by Louis Butler. The reality here is Gableman knows 2008 promises to be a bad year for Republican candidates all across Wisconsin, so instead of just owning up to the fact that he’s a conservative through and through, he’s decided to take a different approach in saying he’d be “nonpartisan.” Given how strongly his candidacy has been embraced by those on the right, it’s plainly obvious Michael Gableman is the candidate of conservatives in Wisconsin, and ultimately his status as the candidate of the right will relegate him to the loser’s column in the 2008 elections.


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1 thought on “Michael Gableman: Completely Nonpartisan!

  1. It’s also telling that Gableman is the sixth or seventh choice of the conservatives, after having the first several turn down the chance to be their sacrificial lamb. The conservatives even tried to recruit Paul Bucher before this man, which is enough to make one wonder how bad he really is.

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