Allow Me to Brag For a Minute

I don’t ordinarily brag about how great my family is – but rest assured, they’re positively phenomenal – but I wanted to take a minute to brag about my stepdaughter Alexis. Alexis was one of three students chosen to give demonstrations at Summerfest on behalf of her dojo, and she did a great job. There’s a few pictures after the break:

Alexis ready to strike!

Board break!

High Kick


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3 thoughts on “Allow Me to Brag For a Minute

  1. Zach–I don’t mind the bragging. Congrats! I wish I could make it down to Summerfest this year. Instead, I’ll be up in the Chippewa Valley enjoying the Fourth of July.


  2. Heh….she actually can’t wait to start sparring at tournaments. She’s still a little hesitant about hitting and getting hit, but considering how much taller she is than most of her peers, I have a sneaking suspicion she’ll be dishing out more than she takes.

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