Would You Trust This Man?

Take a good long look at this picture:

Does that look like a man you can trust?

Personally, that doesn’t look like someone I’d trust but apparently Republican presidential nominee John McCain disagrees, as he trusted a story first reported by Carl Cameron of Faux News, who alleged that Democrats threw away thousands of American flags after the Democratic National Convention. Sen. McCain’s campaign was quick to jump on the story and attack the lack of patriotism shown by Democrats, all the while ignoring their own little inconvenient truth: Carl Cameron is a proven liar.

Back in October 2004 Cameron was caught publishing a series of fabricated quotes attributed to John Kerry on the front page of the Fox News website, and Fox News was later forced to retract the fabricated story and issue an apology. In light of Cameron’s history, it’s not inconceivable he used a little “creative license” with this story.

And to think, John McCain once took pride in being a straight talker.

H/T to Jay over at folkbum.


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